Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Close, so close

Today the only things on my grocer list were applesauce, eggs and lettuce.  I am home now and I have applesauce and eggs.

I did find a cheap, but perfect, sleeve for my chromebook.

AND...  this morning when I went down to the car to go to the pool, next to the dumpsters where people sometimes leave big stuff that is really too good to toss - I found an insert for a sliding glass door that has a pet door.  Like this one. 

I bought one of those years ago to use to vent my air conditioner.  At the time I got it for $75 because it was the last one at a hardware going out of sale.  Mine is showing it's age and is missing the top part (so you can see daylight over the top) and the bottom window was plastic and rotted off years ago.  I looked at getting a new one a couple of years ago and they were $200.  NFW.

The one I found this morning is in MUCH better shape than mine and the price is $0!!  Score!!!


Last night I slept very very hard but had two very vivid dreams.  In one I was diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a baseball sized pearl.  I was able to do it with ease - no breathing problems at all.  And no one else in my dream was willing to even try.

In the other one I had something in my eye that was scratching the devil out of my right eye.  When I woke up, it was fine.  Yeah.


Now I have to go put stuff that is not lettuce away.  Sigh
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