Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

hair cut plus

I headed out to get a haircut and the trip just grew like topsey.  I left the house at 10.  I got home at 2.  

My hair is very cut.  I told her I wanted a lot off the back and sides and otherwise I didn't care.  I think she heard "I want a lot off".  I should have had her trim my ass!  Oh well, it will grow back and I will save money not having to get another haircut for months and months.  Plus I'm running out of my chlorine removing shampoo - I think I'm going to hold off buying any more.  I don't have enough hair to justify it.

Just before the cutting, I got a call from the drug store that my prescription was ready for pickup... Er... ooops. In an effort to get my account kick started, I had sent a note to my doctor asking that he refill a skin cream I use sometime and refill at  He sent a note back that he had sent the prescription to and yet...  Bartell's drug store filled it.  Snap!  Oh well.  

After hair cut, I decided to just take a bus up to Bartell's which I did after a bit of a walk.  Then I remembered that Po Dogs - a hot dog place that is supposed to have great hot dogs and great french fries is very close and next door to the Lifelong Aids Thrift Shop which I always mean to stop by and check.

So it was dogs for lunch and thrift shop after.  (Really good fries - very mediocre hot dog - nothing of interest at the thrift store.)

When I was done I was about 3 miles (but lots of hills) from home and no good way to get there by bus. I finally hoofed up up a large hill - slowly and waited 20 minutes and caught a bus.  My phone bus app lied about where the bus stopped and  I ended up way further from home than I intended but what the hell.  I just walked on home.  

It was fine.  Chilly but I had gloves and hood  Sunny but not glaring and not in my eyes.  Betty was very happy to see me.  

I'm taking the rest of the day off.
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