Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mission accomplished

I went out an had a lovely walk.  
  • There is a lot of inventory in all the stores that sell Seahawks shit.  But, there is very little variety and a whole lot of boring sameness.  I found one windbreaker - only one. If you want t-shirts or a hoody, you've got it made.  If you want anything else you are sol.
  • The Seahawks fans broke a fair number of windows last Sunday.  The plate glass window replacement guy was working hard - I expect he's really excited about this weekend's game - another win and those idiots will be breaking even more windows.

  • The coffee shop/cafe that was supposed to open last year and then pulled out downstairs (this building first floor) now has a sign in the window saying they are opening in April!!  Yahoo!  They make their own lox and have delicious bagels.

  • The Grand Central Bakery tweeted this morning that if you mentioned the tweet you could get a free short bread cookie.  I rarely go in there because their service is sooo bad and today was no different.  3 customers - I was the 2nd one.  I waited 9 minutes before anyone said 'may I help you?'  i got my free cookie and not give them the finger (consider it a gift, GCB).

My brother's phone broke on Monday.  He took it to Sprint Monday afternoon - Christmas Eve.  They said it was not repairable, they would have to replace it.  The new phone arrived this morning before lunch.  Sprint really torques my chain.  Their cell service is ssooo slow and they show no signs of fixing it here any time soon and their phone selection is so mediocre.  And,yet, every time I think about switching they do something like this. It's dirty dealing, I tell you.

Time to enjoy the sandwich I picked up on my travels.
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