Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No swim for you!

Alas another no swim day... Work kicked its ass today. I probably could have gone but I would have been so stressed about getting back to finish that I don't think it would have been worth it so I didn't go.

Then, it turned out that I probably could have as the work that I thought was about 2 hours more did not have nearly the errors in the last bit that I expected and I got done earlier than I thought. But, it's ok. I am done and that's the biggie.

Sheri sent me a note about bring the grommets on Tuesday and I had to tell her that unless she wanted to do it by flashlight after hauling ass up 8 flights of stairs then Tuesday would not be the best.

I did take the opportunity to share with her my electricity concern - the circuit breaker break. I told her that I was going to check the a/c and if that broke it when the lights were on then we were in trouble. She 'got it' fast and allowed as how if that was the case, we'd get Walker (the electrician) on it asap. I appreciate her 'we will fix it' attitude. I really really do.

Ok. Now. Back to work - to finish up one bit and then I might just do the A/C test to get it off my mind.
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