October 13th, 2021

Breakfast Under Bed

Biggie got himself under the bed and stayed there all night. He's getting more agile. This morning I took him his breakfast but, instead of setting it down under his mouth, I placed it so he'd have to move to get to it. And move he did. Pretty quickly!

I sent a note to the vet about his refusal to come out of the dark. Current guessing his his medication or just his healing but if there's something I need to know or do, I figured I'd ask.

Today I am leaving him on his own for a bit. I have errands to run and I'm going to run 'em.

Also I need to change the sheets on the bed. It is full of kitty litter.

The second best fried chicken place here (with, of course, Popeye's being first) has always borderline annoyed me. They are a local chain and when you go to pick up your food they are kind of mean. BUT their fried okra is the very best and you can fridge or freeze it for later delight. Their chicken is pretty good. Their delivery situation is very good. So they are in my rotation. BUT, yesterday I read that they have dolled out $50,000 in grants to other black owned restaurants in the area. I mean, come on. Giving out money is great but giving out money to your competition? That's just cool. So be mean, I'm ok with it now.

Popeye's is not close. It's in a far flung almost burb called White Center. Monday, when I was talking to the vet, she asked if I could possibly bring Biggie to the White Center office for his next bandage change since that's where she'll be that day. I said yes instantly and she was surprised. So I explained... Popeyes!! Turns out she's from Alabama originally and LOVES working in the White Center office because POPEYES!! We be cool.

Whoa! I just saw that I'm getting a big old fat raise! Social Security is getting a one time boost because whothefuckknows and I'm going to get $150 a month more next year. Much funner news than william shatner going into space. I'm over that and hearing about going where no man has gone before. But I am not now nor have I ever been a star trek fan. I am a bank account fan - particularly my bank account.

I think I'll go get in the shower. My errand destinations don't open til 10 and it's just after 8 but won't kill me to get ready. And maybe Biggie will come out for some ear rubs.

Biggie recovery milestones

When I left, he was under the bed still. When I came home, still there. None of the living room food gone. No litter box action.

I scored at Goodwill so I fiddled around putting away my goods and when I was done, I went into the bedroom, in the dark and sat on the floor and suggested Biggie come out for a snuggle. He did!!

I thought this was the major milestone of the day. We snuggled for a while and then I carried him into the living room to his food which he was not at all interested in. Then over to the chair where we snuggled some more.

I put him down on the floor so I could go turn the chicken in the oven over. When I came back to the chair he was still on the floor but clearly wanted chair access so I closed the lid on the ottoman next to me and he hopped up.

And this is what we did for 20 minutes while lunch cooked


I tried for a selfie but he didn't want to really share the spotlight.


He didn't seem to want to get into the chair, just hang on the arm which really cracked me up.


Then it was lunch time and I ate at the table while he got into the chair after all.

And, then...

He spied a freakin bird and flew out of the chair over to the - thankfully - closed door!! What broken paws???? There are birds out there!!!

He sat on the floor and watched and then finally realized he could stealth spy from under the couch. So I went outside to see.


Clearly, we're at least a little past the hiding in the dark situation.

But, also, clearly, we're still moving forward in the healing process.

And, VERY CLEARLY, we have not learned our lesson. We may very well now have...

Biggie The Indoor Cat.

Screen in a forest

I was iffy about the magnetic screen door situation. I thought I had a decent plan but when I saw the force with which Biggie ran for the door this morning - casts and all, I looked more closely.

I watched Youtubes about them and then examined my door situation more closely and it's just not going to work.

I'm not even sure a retractable one would work. So back to the drawing board. Time to get a plain, old screen door with maybe a kick plate for insurance.

I have heard nothing from the estimates I requested the other day. So I now have requested a bundle more. So far, the only response I've gotten is from a local handyman company I've used before. They were kind of enough to let me know they were too busy and they did give me the name of a guy to call which was nice. But, I'm not up for calling yet.

I can understand one or two places ignoring the email from their websites, but 10??? WTF?

Biggie is still under the couch staring out the window.