October 11th, 2021

The Biggie Report (all's fine)

We did sleep in the big bed last night and it was fine. He's able to get up there and get down and he's such a snuggle bunny now. He has twitching in his arms which are capped with thundersticks that are not foam and he twitched all night but it was ok. We managed.

I got up and got showered and dressed and put him into his carrier which he fought tooth and nail. We got to the vet's and all their 9 parking spaces were taken. I was trying to figure out what to do when a young woman in tears walked to a car in one of the spaces. The vet's is such fun to see all the different animals and such a very sad place sometimes.

Any, I got parked and we got in - they have recently expanded this particular office so now they different doors for dogs and cats. I like seeing the dogs so not a fan. But there was a tiny kitten there in one of those bubble pet backpacks. Cutest thing ever.

The receptionist soon came out and told me I was to leave Biggie there and split. I did not know that and was not that happy about it. I wanted to report and had questions. But, phones work so I went home. I actually tried a new route which is MUCH easier so yeah.

Dr. Moore actually called before I got home. I was able to report in and get all my questions answered. She was impressed with how good he looks and with what I told her. She doesn't know what's causing the twitching. Hopefully he does it while he's there so she can see. She was very impressed with his recliner hopping.

She said she may give him a repeat of the 72 hour pain med. She's going to change his bandages and check him out thoroughly and call me when I can come get him. I'm so grateful for her.

So now I'm doing laundry. Robby is vacuuming. Good time to get the house back in order while waiting for the King to Return.

He's still at the vet's and I miss him

The house it tidy. The robot is finishing up his vacuuming (he had to take a break to recharge). Two loads of laundry are done and folded and one is still drying.

I made an icebox cake and it's chilling in the - guess where - ice box!!!

I do remember when my aunt and uncle upgraded from an actual ice box (in Oklahoma City) to a fancy refrigerator. My uncle bitched about now having to make his own ice. i.e. fill up the ice tray. Which was nuts because my aunt did everything anyway. She also made an excellent ice box cake.

I washed all the dishes. My dishes, Biggie's dishes and the stuff I used to make the cake.

I caught up my temperature spreadsheet to today so I can make more rows on my temperature blanket. I'm at the end of August so September and some of October I can do now.

And now I'm ready for my little buddy to come home. He must be so bored and so pissed at having to be there so long. Wonder if he'll have tales to tell.

I get to pick him up in an hour

It's 2:45 and the vet tech just called. Turns out they did have to sedate him. "I got about half way done with the bandages on the first foot and he just was not having it."

And after they were done, they put him in a small cage to recover and apparently he demanded a bigger one. "He was much happier after we moved him."

Biggie The Diva.

They tech said that the doctor wanted to meet with me when I pick him up. Good on that.

More to come.

Kinky Boots!

Dr. Moore fitted him up with tractors this time! And she put them on so they are right side up to Biggie.


She said his feet were kind of a mess but not unfixable. He's going to be wearing thundersticks for a while, though.

But, his jaw, she says, fabulous. She said that she does not think there will be any further issues.

She gave me the option of giving him liquid pain killer or bringing him back in for a shot. I picked bringing him back. So we go in on Thursday for a quick shot. Then back next Monday for feet inspection and rebandaging. She will be at another clinic there but not a problem. She said a doctor at one of the other offices could do it but she would really appreciate the opportunity. NO problemo, Dr. Moore. We'll go anywhere for you.

He was quiet on the way home and did not even bolt out of the carrier like usual. He just leisurely stepped out. I put out a water bowl and he walked right past it over to his fountain and drank a whole lot.


And then walked on back to the litter box. You know, when you are gone all day and finally get home, ya just gotta take care of business.