October 9th, 2021

Wellness Brand Chicken Pate for breakfast. It's the best

Quick update. Biggie had a good night. He slept right by my face and slept well. (So did I!) I had laid out some food and water bowls nearby just in case.

When we woke up this morning, I reached over for the food and he very nearly cleaned up the bowl!!!

I sat him down in the living room and then laid out a little blanket. He got up on his own and walked over the blanket and stretched out. I think it's going to be a slow slog but I am also now convinced we are making progress in the right direction.

Oh and he's still grooming himself now and again but totally leaving his bandages alone so he lives collar free for now!


non-Biggie, mostly

I don't have anywhere I really need to go. I wouldn't mind a shopping spree at Goodwill but it's not required. And I think I don't want to leave Biggie on his own until after our checkup on Monday. I want the vet to say that he's on track and doing great. Then I'll go.

So today I ordered up some Amazon Fresh for delivery tomorrow. They are getting pandemicy again. Fewer delivery time options (but at least there are some!) and now, although they say you can add to your order after it's placed, when you try, you get opps, sorry no can do due to resource constraints. Oh well.

I have good food in house so it's no disaster.

I just made 6 breakfast burritos. I used 10" tortillas this time. Testing.

I moved Biggie from my recliner to his blanket on the floor. He did not even lie down, he just kind of butt skuttled over to his recliner and up and settled in. He's the great recliner hopper!!

Oh and I collected his hops onto a webpage to show the vet.

The rest of the day will be TV and yarn and some cat feeding.

Another recovery milestone

Biggie pooped! Watery but poop for sure. Also he made his poop meow. He's only eaten very watery food so stands to reason.

I carried him back to the litter box and stayed there and together we figured out the best configuration for his thunder stick paws. (Actual litter box outside of its usual cupboard. It's an easy place to leave it for a while.) He's now able to get in and out on his own.

I tried feeding him some tuna pate and he was not interested. He's not a seafood guy. Just about that time the mail carrier brought my Amazon order of chicken pate (Fancy Feast pate). I mixed half of one up with water and he licked the bowl clean. Take that, tuna!

Over all I'm encouraged. Still watching with an eagle eye but encouraged.