October 5th, 2021

Endings and beginnings

The first days after baseball are always so weird. I spend 7+ months watching baseball for 3+/- hours a day. And now, nothing. I forget how weird it is every year.

But this year, I have a new sit. And that's weird, too. I've never had leather furniture before. I don't hate it. At all. It's amazingly warm to sit in - I thought it would be cold. This chair has issues to get used to. There's seam right where my elbow is and when I crochet or knit, it rubs. I need to figure out a fix or get used to it. The power footrest is heaven. There is enough room for me to sit cross legged but not enough to make it comfortable for very long.

It's raining out but not hard so the birds are still out there. Biggie's sitting out there next to the wall watching them and getting rained on. That dude is committed.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day so also errand day for me. I got nothing on my list that can't wait until tomorrow.

I may well just play in my new chair all damn day long. Because I can. There was a rumor about Google's announcing their new phones today but clearly, that's not happening. Looks like now it will be in two weeks. Maybe that means there won't be that big gap between announce and getting it into my hands.

It's so cozy and comforting

Weather talk in the elevator. I got in with a couple who have lived in the building for a while. It's misty out but out in the distance is a layer of black storm clouds. All of us where coming in from outside and we agreed that the cooler rainy weather was just perfect. One of them said "it's so cozy and comforting". EXACTLY!!

I was coming in from picking up lunch. I decided to try that place that does the great Mongolian beef. Sadly, my plea for MILD spicy did not translate to palatable. I still have a meal's worth. I had to look up in my LJ to see how I fixed it last time. (Lime Juice.) So the second helping is now juiced up and in the fridge. The hunt continues.

I always text the woman who cleans my house, the day before cleaning. She always gets back to me within an hour to confirm she's coming. This morning I texted her about 4 hours ago and so far crickets. I'm just going to assume she's coming but if she doesn't, I've decided I'm ok with that. It's time to let her go. She really only cleans the kitchen and the bath and the half bath. I can do that. If she's a no show tomorrow, that will be the end. But, I'm sure she'll be here and I'll be wrestling with this for years to come.

I'm in my recliner. Biggie is in his recliner. The robot is vacuuming the kitchen. All is right with the world.