October 4th, 2021

When the punishment fits the crime is a lesson learned?

I discovered this morning that I sent money, via Bill Pay, to a closed account by accident. On the Capital One website, I paid the amount to a closed Capital One Visa instead of to the open Capital One Mastercard account I intended.

Contrary to what Jennifer Garner may lead you to believe, dealing with Capital One is not easy or fun or satisfying in any way.

I spent 10 minutes with a woman who was difficult to understand but making headway, when she hung up on me. I called back and, over the course of the next 25 minutes and three people who were difficult to understand PLUS a good 15 minutes of crackly annoying jazz music, I may or may not have 'filed a claim' to get the money back.

All the while I'm thinking that 1. thank goodness I 'paid' a closed account and 2. This is the price you pay for being stupid. It's horrible and painful and stretches every patience muscle to ensure you never ever ever make this mistake again. I cannot believe I ever will.

Biggie just brought in his bird du jour. Yesterday he brought one in and would not give it up. Today's the same. Gross Gross Gross. I just hope that when the leaves on the tree go, so will those stupid stupid birds.

So.. happy Monday!!

The Mariners lost yesterday so baseball is over for me until February. On the up side, the money I paid for post season tickets will go into my account and the bill for next year's ticket will be 90% paid when it comes due in November.

Oh and I also sent an email to kill the 870 channels that I had to purchase to get the Mariners on TV. That will save me a bundle.

Today is chair day! Macy's says they will be here between 10:30 and noon:30 this morning.

And now my internet just dropped off. Here's hoping the phone's hotspot will get this posted. This punishment is moving into overkill territory!

it's going to take some getting used to...

The main delivery guy was just below right for the job. He called and demanded I meet him at the front door which he could not find. I waited 10 minutes in the lobby and on the street while he tried to find it. When he and his helper (who said not one single word) got it in here, they were quick about it and at least waited until I saw it if worked.

His main skill, it seemed, was hinting long and hard for a tip. So sorry. I cannot find the tip money. Why don't you go wait down on the street while I look. Thank you very much.

It's actually bigger than I remembered. Looks nicer than I remembered. And is less white (more cream which is good) than I remembered. It's going to take some getting used to. I can't reach everything I want to BUT it is way easier to slide in and out of without sliding when I don't want to. Working on the computer on the desk is going to be a problem. Maybe we just do laptop in the lap. We'll see. We have options.

And I'm staving.