October 3rd, 2021

Baseball baseball baseball

Last night's game was one for the record books. We were ahead. We were behind. We tied and then got ahead. We nearly lost it. We finally won. My nephew, born a Red Sox, joined me via texts when we were losing and then winning and then maybe losing and then winning. If we had lost, it would have been very good for Boston.

But, we did not. I was just really hoping that we didn't have to play today after a loss last night. That would have been so sad. Today we might lose and that will be ok. If we win, our trip to the post season will be dependant on other teams' losing.

siobhan63 linked to a great article that explains all the magic that has to happens if the Yankees, Blue Jays, Red Sox and Mariners all win or lose and all the combos. As she so very validly points out we are all hoping the Yankees lose because, well, Yankees. But the other three? What amazing fun.

Several years ago the MLB declared that all games will start at the same time for the last game of the year. Since the Mariners were traditionally eliminated from playoffs, it never mattered to me. By the last game I was ready to move on with my life.

But today, having them all start at the same time makes it even more wild and crazy and most interesting. 12:10 on this coast, 3:10 on the other one and the rest in the middle.

I used to date a guy who had 4 TV's in his living room so he could watch all the sports all the time. I met him at a baseball game. I wonder what he's doing today. (He also felt earthquakes a full half a minute or more before everyone else. I remember his being in the kitchen and yelling 'earthquake!'. I was distracted and yelled 'what?' and by the time he repeated it, I felt it. It was kind of freaky. And he raced Porches. He was a systems programmer. Interesting guy.)

The Mariners sold out all three games this weekend. The last sold out game was one in mid 2019. I'll bet three sold out games in a row has not happened in a decade. I had a ticket to today's game and returned it and I'm fine with that. I'm not wild about joining 40K+ yelling people probably a good 30 to 40% of whom are not vaccinated. (that percentage is probably high but still) Plus, I'm really just as happy watching it all here where I can repeat if necessary and keep all the games on.

I have not gotten a reminder from Macy's about my chair delivery yet today... I'm worried (not really). BUT I did get notice that the package I dropped at the post office is on its way despite the signs there that told me it would be Monday at the soonest so yeah for my making that extra effort!

I might make some oatmeal cookies before the game starts. I'm nearly totally out of cookies in this house.

Impediments to Baking

As I was whipping up my oatmeal cookies I was thinking... why is this so easy when for so many years it was not possible?

Stand mixer. My little stand mixer feels like a playskool toy that works just fine for me. It's very light weight and requires intervention (mushing the stuff into the beaters) but totally worth it. It fits neatly on my shelf and is easy peasy to set up and put away.

Room temp butter. I got a second butter keeper. So now I always have two butters at room temp - one for everyday use and one ready for baking. As long as you keep the light out, butter is fine not refrigerated. (Salted butter, that is. Unsalted can't stay out of the cold for days on end.)

Toaster oven. Not having to wait a day and an age for a giant oven to preheat. And not heating up a giant oven in Summer. Huge. My little toaster oven preheats more quickly than I can spoon out cookie dough onto the sheet.

Parchment paper. For rolling out on, for cooking on. This stuff is amazing and makes clean up a breeze.

These are the key ingredients that I finally figured out... they make baking easy and fun and less mess... for me.