October 2nd, 2021


After all that hype, of course, the Mariners lost last night. It was close but no cigar. The postseason thread they were hanging by is now microscopic. Oh well. Yesterday was fun anyway.

Two of my gotos on the computer have changed their rules this week and it's making me a little nuts. I use TweetDeck which is a browser app owned by Twitter but does enable real time scrolling. And also filtering. I can keep one column of all the tweets, one column of ones I want to watch, one column of replies to/mentions of me, etc. But now, for some columns it's mashing them up in a stupid way.

I follow Instagram on the web only. Until this week, it gave me a solid chronological feed of all those I follow. Now they have fucked up that feed so that I see a few entries multiple times and never am sure I see all of them at all. They will, I'm sure, follow this joy by soon including ads. I gave up Instagram once and found I missed it too much. Soon, I'm afraid, I'm going to have to give it up again or pair it back to not much at all. oh well.

And speaking of oh well... my newtome chromebook arrived yesterday. Broken speakers. I could hear the sound with earbuds but not with just the speakers. Happily, they make returns very easy and paid for so it's boxed labeled and ready for the post office.

The email that tells me what is in the mail coming to me today says that my IBM check will arrive way earlier than promised. And continual checks on the website say that next month it will be deposited where it's supposed to go. So. Whew.

I have gotten calls, texts and emails - about two a day - from Macy's reminding me that my chair will be delivered on Monday. Me thinks a whole lotta peops must forget their furniture delivery days. Easy to see why something so minor might slip one's mind...NOT! Geesh.

There are feathers strewn about on the terrace. I am consciously not thinking about the incident that precipitated their being there.

Alexa is getting finicky again. I have to ask twice and loudly. So I've turned the Google Assistant on via my phone and my chromebook. Maybe that will fix Alexa's attitude.

Today I'm going to take another stab at cutting out those ginger cookies. I need the fridge real estate they are taking up. And, of course, there will be a trip to the post office. And the game tonight. Maybe a load of laundry. And who knows what all else!

So far...

I took the box o' computer to the post office. I knew it wasn't going to be open for regular stuff but it is self service and also serves as the hub for a few zip codes. The slot where you put boxes said no pick up between 5 pm Friday and 9 am Monday. But the sign next to it said stuff would be picked up at 11 on Saturday, so I popped it in.

And then looked at my watch. It was 11:15. Doh! Oh well.

I pulled the flat of cookie dough out of the freezer and tried cutting. Still too soft. But I did manage to get about six done so I popped those in the oven and the others back in the fridge after adding flour.

The six baked into one half burnt cookie. The rechilled extra flour was still too soft. What's left is in the trash. Onward and upward. Life moves on.

The laundry is half done. I'm going to clean up the kitchen and fold the laundry and take the rest of the day off.

From the Minnesota cookbook of my mind

I just got a wild hair and made a casserole for dinner(s) cause I had a baggie of cut up chicken.

I added precooked rice, cheese, a can of chopped up artichoke, a can of cream of mush soup, a half a small container of sour cream.

Oh and I topped it off with crunched up leftover Pepperidge Farm Stuffing mix.

I put away the dish I took out to put it in because it turned out to be too small.

I have enough to take to the after church pot luck tomorrow. Seriously, I should find one and contribute. Holy shit. This had better be good because there is a whole lot of it.