October 1st, 2021

It's not that easy

Last night, Seattle turned into Mariners City. We had the night off but, Boston lost (thank you, Boston) and all of a sudden our playoff chances got brighter. My Twitter feed went nuts. The Mariners were actually covered on evening news. It's all wild.

We have a chance but it is not even a good chance. Even if we win all three games (not very likely), a magical, mystical combo of losses and wins involving other teams/games really controls the outcome. But since the Mariners are the only ones in the pile who have never been to a World Series, we're getting the attention. It's marvelous.

Ticket sales for this weekends' games have blown up. Can you say Super Spreader??? I just saw the games mentioned in the traffic alert. There were not even enough people at games in 2019 to merit that! Fun stuff. Game time 7 pm.

In other news... I'd forgotten the problem with breakfast burritos. I always burn my mouth. I have a hard time waiting until they are cool enough to eat. But even through the burning this last batch is a good one.

Today is Costco day. It's not an old people day but I don't want to wait until the next one (Tuesday). I want parchment paper, a $5 chicken and steps. And so that's the plan.

I bought a new computer on eBay. It's a 10 inch chromebook that folds back into a tablet. An Asus that is an ancient model (2015) but there is none like it. I found one for $70 from a store that apparently has a bunch in stock and a good rep. So I took a chance. I already have one just like it but I want another. I want one for the car. And this one is perfect for the job. It arrives today.

Next week when the house cleaner comes once errands, if any, are done, I can just find a shady spot and entertain myself. Also when I'm waiting for a store to open or my order to be ready or just anytime. It will be handy and a backup.

I also may need to make some cookies today. I ate all the ones from the freezer yesterday. I think ginger, maybe.


Costco was crowded but not horribly. I didn't have to wait in line (used the self serve checkout) and was home in 45 mins even including a slow walk around to look at everything.

Before I left, I made a batch of ginger cookies and rolled them out and stashed them in the fridge. And cleaned up all the dishes.

I did get a $500 chicken so I had a sliced chicken sandwich when I got home. By that time it was cool enough to deal with so I pulled all the meat off the bones and put it into baggies. Two for the freezer and one for the fridge.

Cleaned that all up and then tried to cut out the cookies. Ugh. No way. They stuck to the paper and were way too wet to cut. So I rolled them out again and now they are back in the fridge til tomorrow. Meanwhile I needed a cookie. I found some almond/orange ones in the freezer. They are way better now than when I first made them!! I kind of wrote them off but now I'm in love with them.

Our fucking COVID numbers are rising again! goddamnit. What's with this county? I do not get it. I am glad, even with this extra thrilling action, that I returned my Mariner ticket for this weekend's game. It's going to be bad enough with a vaccinated crowd but 30k+ mixed? NFW. I just got my third warning that in order to use the playoff tickets I purchased I'm going to have to show proof of vaccination. That's the kind of spam I appreciate!

I'm waiting now for the mail carrier who's bringing my newtome chromebook. I'll have to go down to pick it up and will, at that time, take a load of garbage to the dumpster cause fer sure I don't want to make two trips!