July 21st, 2021


My phone problems escalated last night. I could receive no phone calls. Exacerbating the problem was that I was operating on the latest beta version of the operating system. So I could no tell is my issues were me or memorex (old commercial, never mind).

So I just wiped out the whole phone and loaded it back up from a backup. It's now all back together again - snappy and responsive and making and receiving phone calls even with my new earbuds (which really are great, btw). All is good. I love the new operating system but I'll love it more when it's all stable and ready for prime time.

All those shenanigans really ate up most of yesterday. NBD but now hard to believe it's already Wednesday.

Oh, I got an email from the cat people this morning:

Hello Susan,

Your appointment is canceled for today. We will send you an appointment email for next week as soon as we have the schedule.

You know, I'm seriously considering if I even want to talk to her any more. I have two or three more phone sessions but she and her un-organization are just pissing me off and Biggie is fine so why annoy me further? I guess I'll wait until they "have the schedule" to decide.

I think Biggie has given up on the bird biz. I can hear a few birds- not many actually - and he's out there but he's not in his bird catching posture. It's like he doesn't care. Maybe he's psyching them out.

I do think I'll take myself over to Goodwill this morning and do a little leg stretching. I have a couple of things on my BeOnTheLookoutFor list but it will be a nice way to get some steps in. My treadmill session this morning was not as odious as yesterdays. So that was nice.

Baseball is an afternoon game so that's what I'll be doing for the back half of today.

two geek-adjacent things that are amusing me this week

I just changed my living room echo to answer to the brand new option, Ziggy. And I also changed it to use a male voice. That's really shaking it up around here!!

I might change the one in the front all to Ziggy as well. We'll see.


Yesterday and today, while I was setting up and testing and fixing the settings for my new earbuds, I kept making phone calls to check it. If you want to make a phone call that won't mess with anybody, call Comcast. They have a nice, fat, telephone tree that wants you to talk so you can test the mike. Humana is another one. You have many many minutes and choices before you ever bother an actual human.

I can't call my own cable company because within seconds of answering, they have recognized my phone number and automatically transferred me to a person.