April 13th, 2021

Hello, Tuesday

When I used to swim an hour, I used that time to just let my mind wander. I'd remember stuff, I'd plan stuff, I'd just flit from thot to thot. It was often a very productive hour. I miss that BUT lately, I've come to use the time after Alexa turns out all my lights at night and before I fall asleep to do the same work. Last night I designed a new closet.

After vysila inspired me to reorg one of my closets, I discovered that between the reorg and the culling of ShitIDon'TNeed, I have another closet now that is half empty. It is all shelves and I actually need more hanging room. The shelving system is one my designer put in when I redid the place in 2005. Yesterday I dug through all my old emails to see if I could find out the name of the closet system she used.

In 2005, I saved every email she sent and we did most of the work via email so it's all just sitting there in googleland, thank goodness. It took a little digging but finally I got found a brochure she sent and from that was able to find a website that still, even now, sells the bits and pieces that make up my closet system!!

So this morning I ordered up what I need to add hanging to that one closet - shipping in 3 to 5 business days. $35. I'm delighted. I need to take out two large shelves and find a place to store them... (Goodwill?) I may even start that today!

A few weeks ago, I found a new author, Nick Petrie. The first book I read was good. Not great but good. And it's a series so I read the second which was set in Seattle, so fun. The story got a little bogged down in sentiment and melodrama but it held up. On to the third which I've been reading the past few days. It started out ok. And then started to unravel. I held on because heck, the other two were ok. And then, last night, it turned from a thriller into a romance novel. This morning - I had 25 minutes left and a 25 minutes treadmill walk and I could not do it. It went from readable to OMG did your editor die before you could publish this POS????? I closed it down with 10 minutes to go. I do not care what happens to any of those characters. Buhbye.

The Mariners game got rained out yesterday (Baltimore) - ROOFS, people! geesh. So today it's one of those new fangled 7 inning double headers. Starting at 1 pm. (Which means it starts at 4 pm in Baltimore - even with ony 7 innings that last out will probably happen for them on Wednesday - geesh.)

This morning, due to lack of tater tots, I switched to potato cakes and they work great! I took pix.

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Now it's off to the shower and then into that closet!

Only a little embarrassed

So. Mission accomplished. I have now reswizzled my closet hardware. There is a giant hole where the hanging bar and hangees will go. There are two shelves above that and one will be emptied when the hanging bar is operational. A fucking 60" x 14" empty shelf! OMG this is such glory.

The rolling cart is, once again, filled with Goodwill stuff. (But not the two shelves I removed. At timbear's excellent suggestion, those two shelves now sit on top of the two remaining shelves - one each. Ready for reservice whenever.)

I did find a little stack of black knit pants. Yeah! I will absolutely wear those. Tags still on. Then I dug the suitcase out from the black hole of the closet... it was FULL of black knit pants!

17 fucking pair of pants - most never worn once. At least I'm a hoarder with a mission.

Nordic Track used to make these great knit pants. They looked nice. They had roomy pockets. They had a nice wasteband. And were out of a quality knit fabric. Sears sold them (this will give you a bit of a timeline). Periodically, Sears would have them on sale. For $7/8 dollars (regularly $20). I'd buy every pair in my size. And stash them in the back of the closet.

Apparently 17 of these never saw the light of day again. hehehehehehehe

I'm still the same size. I still wear black knit pants every day. So, heck, I am only embarrassed that I did not know they were there. I'm delighted at my windfall.

Now, everything is in its place - nice and tidy. I'm quite pleased with myself.

Birthday Answers

(For my birthday, I asked for Ask Me Anything Questions. I got so many wonderful ones. I'm answering them in entries from here until I get to the end. If you think of something you want to ask, just leave a comment or a note. Deadline is totally not a thing.)


You have unlimited funds and can travel anywhere in a world free of COVID: where would you go? Or would you go at all?

My first answer is probably I would go nowhere at all. When I worked for IBM, I traveled quite a bit for work and play. I loved it and got to go to some great places and see amazing things. And it was grand. But, all of that was before 9/11. Travel was still easy with fun perks. There was even room for your knees. To me, now, traveling is a major PIA and just not worth the hassle. I guess I kind of got it all out of my system.

But, you said I have unlimited funds. If that's the case, and I could charter my own plane, now, that changes things a bunch. In that case, I'd go to Alaska and Hawaii and then, maybe, Boston and Des Moines (nephews), picking up my brother, along the way. Then if traveling out of the country in a private plane was as easy... Austria, The Netherlands and maybe Korea.