April 11th, 2021

Sunday with a plan

Turns out yesterday's closet reorg was just the beginning. I did a little more last night and today, I have plans. I have three shallow closets in my bedroom. One is done. One needs work. And the third one just needs a little update. The problem is that two of them have dark, hard to reach sections where junk goes to just live forever. I need to clean those out and keep them empty.

Some of that will get done today.

But, first I'm going to make a little trip to the Dollar Store.

NOPE. My main reason to go to the Dollar Store today was to get more of those flocked hangers. And, of course, to check on the cookies. But, just now, I checked Amazon and, yep, they will deliver the same hangers to me today at half the price. So. bought.

I am going near the Dollar Store next Sunday so cookie check can happen then.

So new plan. Today I'll take the cart full o' Goodwill donations to Goodwill and then go on to the QFC that I went to a week ago and see if that's where I bought the cookies. The KK for the vaccination donut and home to the baseball game. That's a better plan.

Oh and I need to do laundry. I can do that while I closet work while the game is on. What a great idea!

This morning I accidentally discovered a wonderful Dash Waffle Iron thing. I normally cook tatertots in the waffle iron but this morning I layered on some grated cheese, top and bottom. That gave me the most delicious cheesy potato waffle - layered on my fried egg (from the Dash griddle) and breakfast was delightful. That's going to need to be a regular in the rotation.

Time to get on with the program!

Gotta Be Dollar Store

I have now retraced all my store visits for the last month except Dollar Store. How coold would it be if these suckers were there and a dollar a box??!!

Goodwill donations donated.

QFC checked - no cookies but I did pick up lunch in their prepped food section which is usually pretty good.

Krispy Kreme gotten. They have stepped up their vaccination game. They now have them all bagged and ready at the drive through with napkins! and a smile. I love it. And I love that I have 8 more months of this.

Birthday Answers

(For my birthday, I asked for Ask Me Anything Questions. I got so many wonderful ones. I'm answering them in entries from here until I get to the end. If you think of something you want to ask, just leave a comment or a note. Deadline is totally not a thing.)


You have such a great relationship with your brother why do you not get along with your sister?

My sister and I have never gotten along. Ever. We tried while my parents were alive but only because they wanted it so much. She is one of those people around whom the earth revolves. If it’s not about her, it just isn’t. Regardless of what ‘it’ is. She just sucks all the energy out of everything with zero reward. After my parents died, I tried, briefly and, honestly, without enthusiasm but learned that my life was ever so much better without her in it. And the years have proven me correct. She's a widow who lives not far from here (about 3 hours via car/ferry), actually, and has three grown daughters and that's about all I know and all I care to know.

Intervention Selfie

I do not need any more clothes for any reason self made or bought - none for summer, none for winter, none for in between. None at all. None. The closets have spoken.

Everything is now washed and dried and put away with the new reorg. I like it. And, now, lots of empty space. I even have a drawer that's empty. Sweet.

In education news, my Fitbit is finally going to teach me to tell 24 hour time and temperatures in Celsius. Heck, on the time part, I'm halfway there! It's only after lunch that it starts getting hard. I found a nice watch face that is simple and attractive and gives me the info.

And all the while, the Mariners who were sadly trailing by a healthy amount for most of the game, have now come from behind and are one out away from winning.

Pretty spectacular day here, for sure.

And, they just won. Very nice.