March 4th, 2021

Reports of my success are greatly exaggerated...

The longer yesterday got, the less breath I had. When I can't get enough air, I just feel like crap. I finally went to bed early in hopes the crappy would be gone by morning and, but, of course, couldn't get to sleep. I kept shoving albuterol in every 4 hours. At 3:30, I got up to pee and inhaled some more albuterol and finally felt better. This morning, I feel much better but still feel some effects. Damn it.

I already have a slot reserved for swimming next Wednesday. And by then, I am sure I'll be delighted. But, do I want to go through this again after? I need to conjure. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and go to the Ballard LA Fitness. (Their pool is treated with a different kind of chemical set that my lungs do not hate. I hate going all that way but I've done it before. I can do it again.)

Years and years ago, aellia was active on LJ. I watched her grandchildren arrive in this world and grow up to be teenagers before she peeled off into that x-LJ abyss. This morning, I had a comment from someone asking is I was the same susandennis who had been friends with her years ago. How wild is that? When I told her I was, indeed, she told me that Penny had passed away a couple of years ago. At least I can quit being mad at her for not coming back to LJ!

Today's Leave The House adventure will be to go shopping at the recycled crafts store. They have hung on by their fingernails all this time and I do miss their treasures. You never know what you are going to find there. I've been many times and found nothing I wanted and many times and found armfuls. Today I am going to just see what's there and, hopefully find something fun.

I feel like my lungs need some more action than sitting on the count knitting. Not a lot but at least a little.

But, meanwhile, here's a twofer photo... my ever so satisfyingly growing log cabin square/scarf/blanket - future as yet undetermined and, Biggie In The Sun


My sweet spot is right between used and cheap.

Seattle Recreative is north of downtown. Not close and not far away. I'd forgotten that there is a Dollar Store very near there. I had a lovely shop at the used/reuse craft shop. I found some fabrics and some knitting needles I wanted and just a wonderful look around. It was great fun. On the way home, on a whim I stopped at the Dollar Store which was even more fun.

I spent two hours wandering around both stores mostly looking at cool shit. I spent a total of $60 and $20 of that was a donation. I bought $40 worth of stuff and got about $120 worth of joy and satisfaction with the process.

Yesterday I spent $5 on toothpaste at Safeway. They had the exact same thing at the Dollar Store for, you guessed it, $1. Lesson learned.

I had plenty enough stamina for the venture so that was very comforting.

I also had a thought about swimming. I think next week, I'm going to maybe only swim for 30 minutes and see if my lungs like that better.

The Mariners game is on and my best announcers are back.

Today is good.