February 20th, 2021

this and that

Ken Jennings' run as host of Jeopardy is done and probably so am I as a Jeopardian. Next week starts the run of some guy who is the producer. Not hopeful. Then a long list of stray people that include Dr. Oz. I'm done. Count me out. The focus of the show will now be the hosts instead of the contestants and questions. It's coming up on baseball season. One must establish one's priorities.

Plus I heard from Katie today. In my building you can get either Comcast or Wave cable TV. Since cable TV is really now just for old people and we are a dying breed, it's really amazing to have a choice at all. I could save a bundle if I switched every couple of years and became a 'new' customer with each company, but 1. I'm way too lazy for that and 2. Katie.

A few years ago, I needed faster internet and my TV provider, WAVE, had it so I called them up. I got a sales person, Katie. I was used to Comcast and Katie was no Comcast. I asked for weird things like confirmation email of what she quoted me. She sent it while we were on the phone. That's actually what made me first fall in love. "If you need anything or have a question, call or drop me an email." This, from a cable company person????? And so our affair began. Every spring, I drop her a note and ask her to turn on the network that carries the Mariners. It means I have to have this gynormous bundle of channels I never watch and an equally gynormous bill so with the final out of the season, I pop her another email and ask her to drop me back to the very basic channel set for the winter.

She always does. With a treat. A special deal or, like today, a $20 credit to make at least the first bite not sting so much. And my channels will be turned on Monday.

I love Katie.

The first Mariner game is a week from tomorrow.

Next week is a biggie. Labs for the doctor on Monday, swim on Tuesday, doctor's appointment on Thursday morning and vaccine on Thursday afternoon. Swim on Saturday. Baseball on Sunday. After weeks and weeks of pretty much nothing, it feels like a whirlwind of a week.

Good thing I have this weekend to rest up for it. Nothing going on at all. The actual only thing on my todo list is to take a load of trash and recycling down to the dumpsters. But, I probably should get dressed before I do that.