February 17th, 2021

So far, so good

Biggie has not yet breached the chicken wire. He's checked it out thoroughly but so far not even tried to get back to the ledge so my fingers are crossed.

I watched the second episode of CBS's new Equalizer and I like it. I'm also binging on Silent Witness. Alison Janney has a new movie out. I need to decide if I want to see it $14 worth. Probably but not until this weekend.

I just did my routine check of Amazon Fresh Delivery openings and weird. There are lots of slots open for today. None for tomorrow and two for Friday except on Friday, they will not have lettuce. Ok, fine. Today it is. Between 1-3. At least the stressful checking/rechecking will be over. And I'll have groceries.

Today's big project is yarn. As I pull out various yarns to use and then put the rest back when done, the whole arrangement has gotten wonky and out of control. Plus I had it all nicely ordered so I could easily see which colors I was running out of. And now it's all a mess. I need to free up another shelf section and give the collection room to breathe. And fix all the ends so they down't hang down and tempt a particular cat.

And I need to wash my swimsuit, robe and towel to get ready for tomorrow. I got an email this morning from the pool's head lifeguard saying that they refresh openings every Wednesday at noon and urging that we buy the 10 punch card. Their set up isn't very intuitive - government - so I had not really looked into it. BUT the 10 punch card drops my fee from $4.25 per swim to $3.70. I'm cool with that.

Gordon, the CPA, called yesterday to say my return was finished. I owe $2,000 which is almost exactly half of what I expected.

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training today. The first game is scheduled for a week from Sunday. I'm excited about the return of baseball but with the reserve that we did this last year and look how that turned out. I'd be more excited if I were sure that Spring Training would proceed without interruption and then go right into the regular season. I'm hopeful.

I just got an email from a very old boss. It's a guy I worked for in the mid-80's. Every year I get a Christmas card and often a picture. He's an old school catholic with now four basciallion grand and great grandchildren. I lost track of who was who years ago. This morning I got a 'sent my my iphone' email asking me how I was and saying he had a quick favor to ask. I'm pretty sure he's going to ask me to call a mutual friend of ours who I do NOT want to talk to. I'm trying to decide what to do and also what to tell him. And pre-forgiving myself for likely disappointing both of them.

I think I'll go take a shower and put in the laundry load while I finish figuring this out.

red flag... Red Flag... RED FLAG... PULL UP, PULL UP, PULL UP

So, the email from my old boss sounded like him and getting it twice really sounded like him and then... The request - did not make a lot of sense but he's really old so maybe and it still sounded a little like him...

Thanks for responding, I am sorry for bothering you with this mail. I need to get GOOGLE PLAY GIFT CARDS for my Niece. It's her birthday but I can't do this now because my knees are giving me problems as well. I am going up and down one step at a time. This method is neither graceful! Or fast!, and I tried purchasing online but unfortunately no luck with that. Can you get it from any store around you? I'll pay back.

Kindly let me know if you can handle this?

But. 1. Why can't one of his 4 million grandchildren who live next to him in Connecticut handle this? and 2. He has to go up/down stairs to buy a card?

He's old. Ok. I respond and tell him, sure, I'd pop into Walgreens tomorrow when I'm out - what denomination did he want? And the stink level rose.

Thank you very much. Total amount needed is $300 ($50 denomination) from any store around you and I need you to scratch the back of the card to reveal the pin, then take a snapshot of the back showing the pin and have them sent to me via email so I can forward it to her easily, Hope you understand?

Once again thanks and God bless you,

And it no longer sounds like him at all. God bless you??!! Not Joe.

I replied

Joe, This does not sound kosher. I think I'll let you handle this some other way.

And his retort nailed the scam:

Why can't you help me ?

I'm ashamed to admit that it took me to the third email to check the email address. He's used AOL since AOL first arrived on the planet. This was gmail.

What a complicated con. Wonder how many of Joe's friends he got? And yes, I sent the original note to his AOL address.


I've been busy all damn day! The yarn project turned into a bigger deal than I planned but I decided, once into it, to do it right this time. So I made much more room and then made a colored chart of all the colors and did a complete inventory.

Then I transferred my hand notes to the computer and now have a document - there at the yarn wall - that has each color and how many are there. No yarn will be removed from that wall without updating that document. Yes, I have too much yarn and yes, I have too much time and yes, I have gone overboard. NBD.

I did all of the laundry and have folded and put away everything that is not now currently under Biggie in the middle of the bed. I'll get to that when he gets up.

I have groceries!! I swear, Amazon Fresh has gotten better and better each time I've used it and today was no exception. The delivery guy was just so good I had to go back and add money to his tip. Every single thing was perfect.

The only fly in the ointment was that they did not bring me the pickles that I forgot to order. Damn them.

I remembered to send my doctor a note asking about labs for my upcoming checkup. AND I booked two more swims - next Tuesday and the Saturday after that.

All the groceries are neatly put away, the recycling organized and all dishes washed. I'm feeling pretty darned accomplished.