February 16th, 2021

There is no pleasing me

Back last March/April when it was too scary to leave the house, it was also impossible to get groceries delivered. No one had delivery times available. Reddit revealed that Amazon Fresh added new times at midnight. I got up at least once to snag one of those times.

And then it got way better. The Amazon Fresh inventory got better. Times were available anytime you wanted. Until it snowed. I looked last weekend and saw that the earliest time was Tuesday. Having grown used to having my pick of times, this was a shock. But, ok. Tuesday would work. Until I discovered in the ensuing days that we had been thrown back into the end times again.

No times available all day yesterday. I figured out that I could easily wait until this weekend. If not, heck, if can swim, I can pop into a grocery for an emergency. But I did keep checking. This morning, the first thing I did when I woke at 6 am was to check and see if there were times available. There were not. I checked again at 8 and lo and behold there was a slot. Thursday morning but did I really need it? Nope. Not really. I have enough eggs. I have other stuff. I can easily make it to the weekend. Or maybe longer. So... I passed on the coveted slot. Later, gater.

Biggie has been foraging for small things to swallow again. I a small plastic tube on the floor in the hallway. It's from a Zircam nasal swab. I did not find the swab part. I just hope it's under the bed or in some corner somewhere.

Today the chicken wire to keep him off the terrace ledge is supposed to arrive. I am amazed at how much time, energy and money it takes to keep this silly cat alive! Good thing he's Biggie.

It's a balmy 39(4) degrees here this morning. And not the tiniest bit bluserty so here in the house it's very comfortable.

I have crocheting to do while I wait for my chicken wire to arrive so I think I'll get dressed and get to it.

HOA scaffaw

We have a hard and fast and much argued NO PENETRATION rule for our terraces. Yeah, I giggle, too. Every single time. It does not mean blow jobs only. It does mean that you cannot drill into or in any way permanently attach anything to the walls of the terrace. Mostly it means any sun blinds must be hung inside your unit not from the terrace.

Today, I penetrated my terrace. And... it's the second time. I am so headed for condo jail. Maybe. Someday.

The first time was the rods that hold up the drapes that hide my storage cupboards. I believe they are glued onto the wall but I'm not sure and NFW was I going to ask. The designer's handy man put them up 20 years ago. Once the board president was out on my terrace and looked up at them and said "oh how clever to use tension rods up there!!" I kept my mouth shut. Could be tension. What do I know?

And then today. The chicken wire. The stuff I got is not strong enough to hold it's shape from the lowest rod down. It's close. But, Biggie, as we all know, is crafty. There is a row of wood before the bricks.

I used my staple gun in a few strategic places. Probably a felony. Certainly a misdemeanor.

You'd have to get out there with your nose up against the staples to tell. But...

The chicken wire is up and so far it's Biggie 0 (he was a huge help in the installation). It looks WAY nicer than the netting.

But it still looks like it was put up by a lazy old lady who was clueless. Making it better is now on bill_schubert's list for his next visit. I think, however, we're cool for now. baring, of course, my arrest.