February 13th, 2021

Pecker deep yet?

There used to be a fine old white haired Southern lady who worked in the Charlotte Observer newsroom - recipes, I think - it was the 80's. Whenever it snowed in Charlotte, which was very seldom, she used to ask anyone who came in from outside 'how's the snow? is it pecker deep yet?' only she pronounced it 'peck-car'.

Our snow, in Seattle, right now, is pecker deep if you are a corgi or a terrier or even some bird dogs. And it's still coming down like crazy. According to my weather app, it will be snowing til 9 pm tonight - non stop. Also, it's very windy. Right now, the wind is literally whistling. My terrace is covered. And it is snowing sideways. Even Biggie's tree which is 4 feet in under the roof, is covered. The wind is also blowing into the living room. The thermometer in here says it's 55(13).

Biggie investigated several times. and even got up in his tree. and poked around and came in and went out again and came in and went out and now he's inside just watching the terrace. At least I don't have to worry about his hopping over the netting onto the ledge this morning.

This was a 7 this morning


If the wind dies down a bit, I may well go for a little snow walk. If it does not, I will be enjoying the snow from right here. The Nest cam on the building's front door has up to date snow info.


Right now, I think I'll go put more clothes on.

Busy Biggie

I think Biggie is a bigger fan of snow than I am!! I'd love to close off the cat door for warmth but he's just having too much fun.

So I found a Fireplace Channel on my Roku.


Biggie goes out to explore.


Biggie comes in to watch.


I'm trying a new thing today. It's called Stretch Clock. You set a timer for when you want to be reminded and then it gives you 1 minute stretches. There are almost too many options/stretches to pick from. Right now I have it set for an hour and 5 stretches. So every hour, I hear a tone and click on the stretch button and follow the videos. It's actually pretty cool. My plan is to give it a solid - do it whether I want to or not - week. Every hour between 9am and 7pm. Hopefully by then it will be a habit!

Twitter says they are closing the streets now downtown - the ones with the steep hills. In photos I see tire tracks. WTF? I hate those streets on dry days. Who the hell would give them a go up or down today??