February 11th, 2021


It does appear that we may get some snow here at sea level. Maybe today but more likely Saturday. I'm quite excited. It's rare and it will be fun to see. I might even actually go outside and take a walk in it.

Along with the run on grocery stores and other usual OMG SNOW!!!! frantics, there are always those who poopoo it all. I grew up in Vermont, this is nothing. I'm from Chicago, NBD. etc. Our mayor, with whom I have agreed on very little since she took office, today, spoke true words...

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan: "To all the people who moved here in the last few years, and think you’re a great driver in the snow, you’re not."

We have gynormous steep hills and lots of them. We have only the most rudimentary snow removal and street clearing systems. You do not have tires for snow and it's likely to be ice anyway. Plus your ego alone is a danger.

I see by his webcams that bill_schubert is getting some lovely snow this morning in Texas.

My nephew's webcam in Iowa shows snow on the ground.

The family that snows together...

I woke up this morning with Biggie snuggled in next to me and his little front leg draped over my arm. Soooo sweet. I turned my head, however, and discovered on the other side of me was his disgusting remnant of Stickie Number One. Thanks.

Nothing going on today particularly. I started a new blanket from scraps yesterday and I kind of like it so far.


So there will be more of that. I ended up yesterday cleaning out more kitchen cabinetry than I had planned. I took everything out and only put back the criticals. Then I quickly took the rest down to the dumpster before I could change my mind about living without it. Once I get my second vaccine, I'll feel a lot more comfortable about dropping stuff off at the Goodwill but for now, it's just into the trash. Way better there than junking up my storage.

I have a couple of more cabinet and closet spaces that need the same treatment but probably not today.

Yes, actual snow flakes


Biggie's a big bundle of wtf????? He keeps going out and coming back in and watching and then doing it all again.

It is so far melting as it hits the ground and it's vacillating between a very few flakes and a fair number of flakes. They appear to be backing down on The Big Snow for Saturday so this may be it but at least it was in daylight so Biggie and I could enjoy watching.