February 10th, 2021

Pastry score

The delivery bakery posted this weekend's pastries and they didn't sound as yummy as the other weeks plus I'd already decided to maybe go every other week. So I opted out this week.

Then, 8 hours later, I get a text from ljtourist that he had bakery goodies for me! No kidding. I couldn't believe it. It was after dark when I drove up to his place and that, in itself, was weird. I cannot think when it was that I was last outside after dark. It might have been more than a year ago. Wild.

It was weird and cool to see into places that had lights on. It was early - like 6ish - so there were a fair number of offices and stores with lights on. And many more, of course, dark or boarded up. But, still, fascinating.

He had made Whoopie Pies and Apple coffee cake and gave me very generous helpings of both. I was not at all hungry when I go home but a bit of the coffee cake had broken off and it was still warm so I had to try it and OMG, is it ever good. Soft and moist with a crunchy cinnamony topping. And the Whoopie Pies - 2 of them! looks delicious. They are also huge. I'm thinking 1/2 per day. Such a wonderful thing.

And speaking of wonderful. I doubt we'll see a flake but it is quite fun to see my little weather widget this morning.


It's also pretty chilly out there now. I can feel it coming through the windows. I just lowered the blinds - they are insulating so that will warm things up here pretty soon. I need to remember to keep them lowered at night for the next few days.

Today's project is two cabinets in the kitchen. They are corner cabinets with lazy susan shelves in them but they just seem to attract junk. I need de-junk them. It means getting down on the floor to get to everything which I hate to do because then getting up. Old and fat. But, it needs to be done. I want the room and I want the tidy.

For the past three days, on and off, I've felt like I was getting a cold. Especially in the late afternoon/early evening. It's the weirdest thing. I feel great in the mornings but not in the late afternoons. I feel great right now and I'm hoping it sticks. I think I'll get dressed and do my kitchen work while I feel 110%.