February 9th, 2021


Last night's HOA meeting was not even very interesting. It did point out to me how very far off the mainline my thinking is. The group seemed totally in concert with the exception of me. I kept my mouth shut and listened. None of the people my age and older who have lived here nearly as long as I have where there. The new group has new ideas and new plans and when I take the list to the Battles That Matter board, none of them make the cut.

Battles that matter are basically:

Will it inconvenience me substantially? and
Will it cost me more than is investing in this place worth?

When you share walls and common area ownership, you sign up for some inconvenience and a lot of compromise. It's a small price to pay for not worrying about the roof or the leaks or the general maintenance of the place. You pay your share and you keep an eye that that money is being managed well and that's it.

So. Whatever. At least that one annoying president is history.

Nothing on the docket for today. Well, that's not entirely true. I am going to take a load of recycling down to the dumpster. How's that for excitement?? I will then need to rest with crochet and TV maybe for the rest of the day.

Under the watchful eye of...



I got an email from Ameriprise that my tax documents were ready. So... I just went ahead and did it all. Gathered all the stuff. Filled in the app. Shipped that off and then found a flat USPS flat rate envelope in the closet and went online and ordered up postage. I got that all ready and thought I'd go see if that mailbox was still around the corner...

BUT when I got to the front door, I saw Shanelle (our own mail carrier) in her van outside. I went to her window and said "please?" and she took it from there.

Done and Dusted.

My financial adviser is the one who first sent me to my CPA about a dozen years ago. So anything I don't get right, the two of them can and do noodle out between them - it's a perk I love. My part - except the paying - is done. Nice to have that behind me.

Oh and when I went down to take that to the mailbox, I also dumped the recycling in the bin. So... I'm pretty much done for the day. It's free time from here on out!