February 8th, 2021

two faced

I did a whole lotta chores yesterday. I had a long list of mostly simple things (look for that missing blanket, fix the cable in the bathroom, make Biggie a new collar... stuff like that) and wash windows. I did them all. Even that dreaded wash windows.

Turns out, however, those fucking windows have two sides. This morning they look nearly as bad as they did yesterday morning because, apparently, the insides want washing, too. Buggers. Again, the sun is out now but it won't be later so I'll do them then.

Tonight is our annual Home Owners Association meeting. It will be, thankyoujesus, via Zoom. Years ago, I used to go to the annual meetings. They were usually held in fun places around the neighborhood and they served nibbles and drinks and it was interesting. Then a lot of the funnest people moved and the new people wanted to reinvent the wheel and argue over every tiny little thing. And I gave them up. But, Zoom means I can go without going. I can listen in without having to even pretend I'm interested. The President who bought her condo in 2019, was elected to the board in 2020, moved out in 2020 and put her unit up sale, is not running again. I do see that she finally - after 9 months and several price reductions - has an offer pending. I don't care if the door hits her in the butt or not, I'll just be glad she is gone.

Aside from washing windows today and zooming tonight, my day is really unplanned. I've got plenty to keep me entertained as usual. This whole week is kind of nothing special. Next week is jammed with stuff like vaccine, real estate tax, blood work at the doctor's office, fireplace cleaning and other excitement. But this week... pretty quiet.

I think I'll take a shower.

This is how I amuse myself...

All of a sudden I'm the GoTo girl for all spam calls. My phone used to screen them for me but it has decided it has more important things to do so now it just rings. It rings on my laptop and on my phone and on my backup phone. A chorus. So clicking END in one place isn't too satisfactory.

So... I answer the call and click speaker and

say nothing.

Most robots won't talk until spoken to. So if you say nothing, they just hang up. I mark the number as spam and feel superior. It's my fun new telephone game.

I washed the inside of the windows. OMG. Now that I can clearly see out, will Biggie get in his tree today? NOPE. He has shit to knock over and naps to take.

For years, I have taken my own bags shopping. But then the COVID rules said nope. So I had a nice stash of paper bags with handles which I use for recycling collection. Except now we can use our own grocery bags again. And my stash is dwindling.

So I went to Amazon to see what I could find that would not look horrible and would fit next to my kitchen garbage can and serve as my recyclable collection. I found some options but none that were OMG, I Must Have This. One of them then pointed me to some shopping bags that stand up on their own and I thought that looked like an excellent option. And then realized I that I have 4 of those in the closet! PROBLEM SOLVED. Cheap and same day delivery.