February 7th, 2021

Silent Sunday

Biggie gets focused on things for a few days and then moves on and forgets his focus. Unless, of course it's Stickie. He never forgets Stickie. I have a small shelf in the kitchen that he found about a month ago and was up there every day knocking shit off. And then he forgot about it and hasn't been back since.

Last night he started chewing on his collar and making a big slobbery, loud (the bells) mess. He would not leave it alone. I finally took it off and put it on the night stand. He went to get it and continued the gnawing. I then put it in a drawer where it still is. So this morning he's stealth. No cat bells at all. It's weird. I think I'll probably make him a collar for his bells this morning, one he cannot gnaw.

I'm waiting this morning for a text from my pastry delivery. Yep, I did it again. Probably, after today, I'll go every other week. I don't want it to become so routine that it's not a delight.

I get a newsletter every Sunday from Android Police. I've gotten it for years. It's a list of new stuff on my phone and/or laptop and other interesting things. It's really easy to read and often has excellent info. Today, I got to the bottom of the list and saw that it included a physical address and that address is 4 blocks from here! How funny. Today's addition had lots of good stuff, including a clipboard save feature in Chrome that I've been waiting for for years. Nice.

I've been working on a crocheted blanket for about 20" now and have decided that I do not love it. I left it out overnight and this morning I'm convinced. It's lovely but it's not worth anymore of my valuable hook time. Thanks for the 20 inches. But, we're through. I'll use the rest of the yarn on other stuff. I learned new stitches. No regrets.

Before any hook time today, however, it's clean up time. I have a little list of things to do in the bedroom and bathroom. Change sheets, change duvet covers, clean up the mess Biggie made with some toilet paper, etc.

The sun is out and so showing me that I need to wash the windows. The great paradox. Washing windows when the sun is out is a bad idea. The sun will dry them too quickly and cause streaks. BUT, when it's cloudy or overcast the windows look fine and I'm not at all motivated to clean them. They are really grody though. And that sun will be gone fairly soon today. This needs to be added to the todo list.

Here is another Biggie obsession that will not die.


It's the remnants of the original Stickie. He tore the feather off and my yarn replacement didn't last and finally, it just got too gross. So I broke the stick off and tossed the whole thing out. I thought. Several weeks later, one day, he comes out from the back of the house dragging this. And he has loved on it ever since. I now keep it in his toy box with Stickie and some other favorites. And, like today, he drags it out and brings it to me. What a funny funny cat.


I'm screwed

If I had gone to every other week on my delivery, I would have missed this. I'm going to have to really think about my pastry schedule.

Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 1.14.47 PM


Biggie has a new collar. Much looser. And I found an old tag that has my name and phone number on it. In case he decides to make a break for it.


While I was making it, I had his other collar on top of some stuff on my sewing table and before I knew it, he had it on the hallway chewing on it. When he gets his mind on something...

Meanwhile... One of my bedroom chores was to fix the analog clock on the wall that I use for my treadmilling. It fell to the ground yesterday and the time wasn't set correctly. Turns out, I broke it! It was a clock from the dollar store that I have had for years. Damn. I poked around for a replacement and discovered that the Amazon would deliver me an Echo clock today before 6. Perfect. I had one before but Biggie and his brother broke it (they knocked the hands off and then the clock off the wall). It will be perfect for treamilling! "Alexa, set a timer for 25 minutes". The clock then shows the time AND the timer. Plus, I'll be able to see the clock from bed which I could not do with the $1 clock.

It's currently Out For Delivery.

I think I'm going to have a pastry. The brioche with lime curd.