February 6th, 2021

The avocado dilemma

My favorite breakfast these days is one egg done in my little griddle, over a half dozen tatertots crisped in my little waffle iron with two pieces of bacon. I also love adding 1/8th of an avocado, when I have one ready to eat.

That last bit is the problem. When I buy them from Amazon Fresh, they take about a week to ripen and then they are perfect. So Planning is needed. I bought two from Uwajimaya last week. It was really hard to find two that were timed right. I finally found one that was about a day away from good and one that was a few days away from good. Not perfect. But doable.

I'm not sure why someone has not invented calendar avocados. I'll take a Monday and a Thursday, please. Oh and can I have a Week from Tuesday as well? Find me a more first world problem...

I dreamed last night that my ex husband gave me a diamond and asked me to marry him. Not a ring, by the way, but a diamond. And then we looked out the window and saw a pig flying. This cracked me up while I was still dreaming AND when I woke up. What a great dream. (FYI he's been dead for several years and did not have the kind of humor sense that would have found this funny. I did say ex. And we bought a house instead of any diamonds.)

Today's plans include finishing off the robe I started yesterday and doing it without the body pains of yesterday.

And that's about it. Not a football fan so I'm not making any 7 layer dip OR bemoaning the party I cannot have. Two very good reasons for not being a football fan, I think.