February 5th, 2021


I pretty much quit sewing when the pandemic hit. I think it was more of a sufficiency thing than the pandemic really. I had enough clothes. With the exception of one or two Goodwill finds, everything I wear, I made myself. (Oh, also except my buttery underwear.)

But, I got to last March and realized I had plenty of everything. And didn't need more. And, of course, fabric shopping was out of the question. So I pretty much quit sewing.

Today, I might sew again. I've been thinking about a new robe. It's not something I really need, but. I have a very warm robe and a fairly warm robe but I think I'd like a lighter weight one. I have the fabric and the long separating zipper. So why not?

I ripped out a bunch of crochet yesterday. I completely redid my 2021 temperature scarf (different colors according to the weather of the day). It's now way better and caught up to February. I fixed the hexagon blanket and now have it on the right track to finish.

Last night my internet went out for a couple of hours. Biggie went nuts at about the same time. I wonder if he is basically an internet app... Everything was back to normal this morning, including the cat. Also I woke up at the normal time. Instead of sleeping late like yesterday.

I started and rejected two more books. One was too creepy even for me and I have a pretty high creepy tolerance and one had too many narrators. Back on the hunt for my next read today.

But, first I think it's time for another cup of coffee.

oh my aching sewing back

So... clearly my cutting out/sewing situation is ergonomically a torture chamber. I finally decided to call it quits for the day and could not stand up without enormous pain. I'd never had that happen before. Not fatal. It passed but note to self, either get some muscles or don't plan on elongated sewing sessions.

I did make great progress, tho. I understand why people use patterns with instructions and I should have but I was just too lazy and went the "wing it" way. I had to hide the zipper because it was the only one I had that was right for the job but it was totally the wrong color. So I invented a new way to put in a zipper. Totally worked. I did fuck up the measurement. I cut 8" off the fabric for the 'skirt' part only to discover it was 8" too short.OOops. I just sewed it right back on. This robe is mainly so that I won't be naked on the web cams first thing in the morning. It's not for a fashion show. I still need to put on the pockets and finish the bottom with some kind of hem but I think it's going to be just what I wanted.

Biggie spent the first two hours helping me measure fabric and then making sure nothing stayed where I put it on the machine tables or ironing board. I said No and Stop 58,890 times. Then he curled up on the daybed and took a nap and my sewing was accompanied by little whistly kitty sleep sounds. So sweet that I hated to stop sewing. And that led to my being hunched over so long ... see paragraph one above.

Now I need to clean up the kitchen and then I'm going to relax with my crochet and some crime TV.