February 4th, 2021

I did not even know I was tired!

I'm a good sleeper. It's a key element of my skillset. Even on days when I don't do anything, I sleep good. But last night? Holy crap. Spend a month going nowhere and then go out on the town and, apparently, your body thinks you need more sleep. I'm asleep by 9:30ish always wake up between 5:45 and 6:30. Except for today. I opened my eyes and it was 8 fucking o'clock!

Not that it makes one tiny bit of difference. I have no reason to leave the condo today so, heck, I could sleep all day if I felt like it. But, still, shocking.

I started a new book last night and it's a fail. I had a backup queued up and it's a fail, too. So today there will be a book hunt.

Every morning, as part of my internet routine, I download from my bank accounts and review any transactions and check my upcoming bills. I had a $.99 charge on my Amazon card that was clearly an Amazon charge but for Newsstand. It ate up a giant chunk of my already shortened day tracking that sucker down. And, in the process, discovered that my Prime membership and my Costco membership both renew this month. How did I manage that inconvenient bit of sync? Oh well, at least both bills will be gone for another year.

Last night I ripped out about 5 hours work on the binding of my hexagon afghan. Then I tried a different option which is much better. Now I'm on a good track. So there will be more of that today. As usual.

And that's about it for plans. Of course now it's nearly noon and I'm not even dressed yet. Wild.

What's wrong with this picture??


The kibble tree is nearly empty!!

This is what Biggie does when his tree gets empty or nearly so. He goes right there and sits and stares at me. He says nothing. He just stares. Eventually I realize he's in the room and not bugging me and I look to see what trouble he's gotten into.

And then refill.

It's our system.