February 3rd, 2021

Out on the town!

The housecleaner will be here today. Always tricky to figure out when. She has alternate temporal rules. She usually gets here at 10. But once in a while, way earlier. If I ask, she'll say she will be here at 9 and comes at 10. I quit asking. Years ago, I did make the rule that if she couldn't be here by 10 then not to come (and not get paid) so she almost always is here by 10:05.

Since last March I have been extremely careful NOT to be here when she comes. She has a huge family and is very huggy and I have no idea how careful she is about being COVID safe. So I've been leaving the house by 9 which means a whole lotta killing time waiting for her to be done. Today I'm going to give myself an bonus and not leave until 9:30.

Living on the edge.

This morning I waffled tater tots. Huge success.

I ended my hexagon afghan last night. I'm not finished. I still want to do a border but I decided it was a good size and I should stop.

Baseball, for sure, now is going to at least have Spring Training. We think. The Mariners sent out the schedule. First Spring Training game is February 17. And I start my annual debate about whether to upgrade my cable TV package (and take on an extra $80 a month) just to see baseball. I think I'm just going to go ahead and bite the bullet... again. The total cost is a little less than 10% of what my ticket would have cost me for the season. The Mariners still have my money from 2020 so at least when I do get to sit in the seat again, it will be paid for.

I hope.

Ok, now it is time to get showered and dressed and ready to boogie.

I've lost my real world chops

OMG. Do NOT let me outside this house again. I can't afford it. I spent $50 in Goodwill, $25 in Daiso and $60 in the Japanese grocery! And, I still have to get regular groceries at some point. Geesh.

But good stuff. Fabric and dishes at Goodwill and a 4" round cutter to make tortillas and bread for my Dash grill. New cutting board and a little spatula for the griddle at Daiso. And new collars for Biggie.

Check this dude out!


Plus produce at Uwajimaya which is good because that means I can get Amazon to deliver whatever else I need. if/when. Plus a nice Poke bowl for lunch which was yummy.

The house is nice and clean. I need to put all the new stuff away now and just relax. I do not need to go out again until the 19th for my second vaccine. Good thing cause turns out going out is expensive!