February 1st, 2021


February 1 was my Mom's birthday. HBD, Mom.

Every single morning, I get up, I pee, I weigh myself and then I get on the treadmill and walk for 25 minutes at 2 miles per hour. Every single morning I get on that treadmill. This morning I was filling out a form and it asked about exercise. How much exercise I get every week. I was all ready to brag when it went on to define exercise as fast walking, running, etc. WTF? My 25 minutes does not even count. Screw you, form people. It counts in my book.

I have been waffling hash browns for breakfast every morning but I think I'm over them. This morning, I whipped up some Jiffy corn muffin mix and waffled that for under my egg. Excellent choice as it turned out.

This week is marked by the house cleaner coming on Wednesday. This means I'll be out in the world while she cleans. I have a small grocery list (need more Jiffy corn muffin mix) and am debating on a Goodwill shop. I want to make sure the house is tidy so she can actually clean. So... a BIG week. At least until Wednesday lunchtime.

This morning, I think I'll pop in a load of laundry and maybe pick up some of Biggie's toys. I made a pile of my face masks yesterday next to the washer dryer. Biggie decided that they needed to be separated and distributed around the house last night. So, I'll be collecting all of those as well. And, that's it for chores.

But, first, I need a shower.

No exercise, eh?

Despite my 'no exercise' AND getting pastries delivered yesterday, I weighed less this morning than I have in a lotta years....


Hilarious to me to be so tickled with only weighing 229 but, 2020 has been a nice little losing game for me. If I really worked at it... did far more exercise and only ate crap I hate, I could lose a bundle, I'm sure but I'm also not interested in that route.

Ohhhh almost time for my afternoon snack. I'm thinking coffee and croissant.