January 22nd, 2021

Shot Day

My appointment isn't until 2:15. Yesterday, it was announced that Amazon is teaming up with one of the hospitals to hold a major vaccination clinic tomorrow and shoot up a bunch o' peops. Also Microsoft is setting up is now empty campus as a giant vaccination clinic. And Starbucks is in the mix as well. It's kind of cool to see all these major players fighting for a chance to help. And, it appears, actually doing practical stuff to get there.

But, I'm grateful to my doctor's organization that they will shoot me up and I don't have to fight the crowds.

My brother convinced me to switch grocery list making from Google Keep, which I've used for years, to Alexa which I had tried once and abandoned. But, they have fixed my issues and it's gotten very excellent. Yes, I can add to the list by voice but they main feature I now discover is shopping at Amazon Fresh. When I think of something to add, I find it on Amazon Fresh and click 'add to Alexa list'. Now, if I am at the store, I have a solid list to work from. BUT if I want it delivered, I just go to Amazon Fresh and with one click, can order up my list! This is exceedingly handy.

I have also created a Trader Joe's list and a Costco list and a list for the fancy market.

And, speaking of food, I saw that fried chicken place on the corner is going to have fried catfish tomorrow. I believe I'm going to have to give that a try. His chicken isn't as good as Popeye's but I'll bet his catfish is going to be excellent.

Biggie has discovered that there is interesting stuff behind the fire screen and how to get back there. That shit needs to stop. That's the top of my todo list today.

So... how'd it go?

It went great. Until I tried to get out of the parking garage.

They had a desk all set up where they took pertinent info and then gave you a simple 'I don't have COVID symptoms' form to fill out and then a cute and very perky nurse came and got me and shot me and gave me a very very boring bandaid. Then I sat with maybe 7 other people in a very socially distanced room while another nurse gave us a talk on how this wouldn't fix us - we need the other shot and what to do if we have symptoms and which symptoms are COVID and which are vaccine reaction and please sign up for the government's vaccine reaction database. I got to sit through it twice before they released me.

It was a very pleasant experience all the way around. Oh and before you even got the shot, they set up an appointment for shot number 2.

The clinic has, however, replaced the guy at the parking toll both with some really really bad software. It took forever to get the damn machine to open up the gate. I could have paid before I got into the car but forgot. I will not be making that mistake when I got back. February 19 2:15.


I think there may be waffles for dinner. Who didn't see that coming??

The Friday Five... I'm doin it!

spacefem is now in charge and so I've decided to join the Friday Five!

1) What's the best customer service experience you've ever had?

Actually two. The one that was always the very best every single time was 1-800-Contacts. I haven't worn contacts for years now but back when I did, they were the creme de la creme. Second place was Zappos. I'm not sure they are as good as they were but one time, a customer service rep, after helping me out of a mess that I had caused, sent me a present to thank me for letting her help me.

2) What's a very reliable item that you own?

I'd have to say, right now, it's my Google Mesh Router. It's never even come close to failing, not even once. Wild, because I'm used to fragile routers.

3) What's something that wore out, but you replaced it with the same thing?

My GE Advantium Oven. I didn't even wait until it was totally worn out. Once it showed me the first sign of sad, I checked to make sure I could get a new one if I wanted. I could and so I did. No regrets. I love that thing.

4) Have you ever left an online review of something you bought?

Plenty of them. Especially if the item does not have that many. If it's more than 1,000 I usually don't bother.

5) What's a book you've read more than once?

Not in a long time but when I was a teenager, I used to read Gone With The Wind every fall and and Désirée by Annemarie Selinko every spring. I did that for probably 7 or 8 years.