January 21st, 2021

Thursday randoms

This morning, I waffled some hash browns and after I plated those, I fried an egg on the little waffle iron and plopped it on top of the hash browns. An EXCELLENT breakfast. And I only used one pan (the waffle maker) and a fork. It was delicious. Win all the way round. I have yet to make actual waffles on the cute little thing but I will. The secret of its success is its size. It is tiny. So, very easy to handle, clean, store. BUT also it forces you to make small amounts. In my case, right-sized amounts.

Yesterday's inauguration did wonders for my investments. I saw a one day gain of 7% which is wild. It's only funny money (not cash in wallet) but way more fun to see a gain than a loss for sure.

I have about an hour left in my current book and lo and behold this morning, the library told me one of my holds is ready to borrow. Next book all queued up. That rarely happens.

I got a reminder this morning about my vaccination tomorrow. It was actually a link to "an important message for you". I figured it was a note explaining why they were cancelling my appointment but nope. My main concern now is to remember to go to the correct location. The shots are being given out, not at my doctor's office but at another location. Easy to get to as long as I remember where to go.

Nothing out of the ordinary on tap for today. No reason to leave the condo. I'll be safe and happy here with my crochet and my TV and my Biggie.

Even more randoms!

This is my temperature scarf... The three colors you see are kelly green, teal and cloud blue. The first 21 days.

kelly green 51-55 degrees
teal 46-50
cloud blue 41-45


Biggie found a treasure under the couch but wasn't sure he was supposed to... so he checked with me.


I scored a personal best on today's NYT mini puzzle. I hate being timed doing it, except today.

I'm thinking chili with corn muffin waffle for lunch.



Jiffy Corn Muffin with egg to make it a batter. A little cheese on top and bottom to help the crisp.

Trader Joes canned chili - can't beat it.

Dollop of Daisy (sour cream).

YUMMY lunch. I could have done with 1 fewer waffle but I made too much batter. I'm learning.

I also made up a batch of regular waffle batter. It's waiting in the fridge for when I'm ready.