January 19th, 2021

waffling over the waffle maker

At some point in the night I was awake and thinking that maybe I'd cancel the Dash mini waffle maker order and get the other one that I originally looked at. It's more of a Belgian style and easy to make stuffed waffles but also more than twice the price. The Dash won't be delivered for another week. The stuffed waffle maker could be here tomorrow. I debated. I went back to sleep.

This morning I awoke to discover that Amazon had made the decision for me. It's delivering the Dash tomorrow instead of next Tuesday. That's the right decision. So the waffling over the waffling is done. Whew.

Today's delivery is food. I pulled the trigger on Amazon Fresh and they will be here in about 15 minutes with fresh. Tomatoes and cucumbers and lettuce. I think there is a BLT for lunch probably.

As I typed that last sentence, my Amazon Fresh order arrived. One thing I like about them is that they have, so far, never not had what I ordered. Sometimes there have been issues with produce but I know that and expect it and get refunded easily. I like Diet Dr. Pepper in bottles and I hate carting them. Amazon Fresh brings me a case to my door. They are just less troublesome than Instacart or Safeway.

My horrible hair cut is invisible to me since it's all in the back. The front looks fine. I can feel the horrible with my hands but can't see it so I keep my hands below my shoulders and pretend that it's all fine. It's all fine.

Biggie found his old friend Ugly Bird last night and rolled around and around with him. His tummy hair is growing back sloooooooowly.


They changed the WA rules for vaccines and now I'm clearly in the 'your turn now' group but the combo of now easy access and there are so many others who need/deserve it more has me on hold. Once I get my vaccine and wait the two or whatever weeks for it to get a good hold, I will feel far more free to prance around town - shop at Goodwill, shop wherever I want, actually. But none of that needs to be done now. I can wait.

Now I need to do my house chores - including putting these groceries away.