January 18th, 2021


UPS is bringing me a package today - and I do not know what it is. I know it's coming from the northeast and weighs 0.10 lbs and the label was created exactly a week ago. I'm sure it will be just something I ordered and forgot about or, at that weight, some documents that I don't want to receive. We'll know soon enough.

Years ago, LJ had a huge spam problem. Every entry of mine would draw tons of spammy comments and it was a bitch to get rid of them. They finally fixed the issue and for years nothing. Until recently. Now there is a new spam issue but at least now, it is relatively easy to delete, report and ban. This, too, shall pass.

The Governor has some kind of vaccine announcement this afternoon at 3. I suspect it's a how we will get you all vaccinated once the feds give us the juice. In November, I watched a 60 minute interview with the guy in charge of Operation Warped Speed. The vaccine will be delivered the minute it was released with plenty for everybody. An Army general spewing what I came up (during the Vietnamese War) knowing was simply military penis talk. Like the generals in the 60's this guy's pants were blazing. Warped speed my Aunt Fanny.

Fun fact. I actually had an Aunt Fanny. My maternal grandfather's baby sister. They lived in Texas. Her husband's name was Trig and he took great delight in calling his wife My Fanny.

I'm debating going out to do a bit of grocery shopping this week or having some supplies delivered. So far Amazon Fresh has everything on my list so having them deliver is winning. We'll see.

Time now to wash the breakfast dishes, make up the bed, get a shower and get dressed. The yoozh.

I have a goal for today

My goal for today is to NOT buy a waffle maker. I do not need a waffle maker. I don't have room - counter space or cabinet space for a waffle maker. I don't need waffles - sweet or savory. I have plenty to eat and there is no such thing as a low cal waffle maker. I don't need extra cals.

I'll be so glad when January is over and the internet food peops back on this healthy kick and get back to real food.

I do not need to buy a waffle maker. I do not.

Mystery solved and...

The UPS delivery was a mask from Gig, the car hire people. They came to town about the time the pandemic started. I signed up but never used them. The mask is a nice one. Thanks, Gig.

And, of course, I ordered a waffle maker. With the careful guidance of the very experienced seattlejo, I got a Dash mini. They are fairly hard to come by, as it turns out. The best I could do was delivery next Tuesday. And even with that I had to pay $5 more than the lowest price (which was delivery in mid-Feb. I've got no patience for that kind of tom foolery).

I also discovered today that they are very soon going to open a bigger, better Amazon Go store fairly convenient to me. I used to shop very regularly at a little market that they closed and bulldozed several years ago. The new store will be where that store was. I'm quite jazzed about this.

I've been hearing helicopters for a while now. I assumed it was MLK parade. The TV stations had squat (the helicopters action must be for evening news). But Twitter just filled me in. The march has taken over one of the major roads in town. They are probably coming this way. I hope they have on masks.