January 17th, 2021


I'm involved in a study out of Stanford University. They are paying me to take screenshots of my phone every 5 minutes or so and they send me quick little surveys to fill out about 3 times a day. They want to know what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with. Eating, watching TV, reading at home... doing it with nobody. I've been doing this now for about a week. I figure they were hoping for someone who does more in more places with actual live people. They better not dock my pay for being boring.

I whipped up a new hairdo last night.


I think I'll make a variation today - a bit bigger and slouchier. You know, like the cool kids.

I did all the laundry yesterday so today I am chore free. Except, the kitchen needs apres breakfast tidy up. And speaking of which, I found a new Dawn product that now has my dish washing fancy. It's the Dawn foam. A walnut sized dollop of foam does a sink worth of dishes quite nicely. I'm impressed. I still use the Power Wash spray for greasy messes but this foam thing is cool.

I just read this great quote in a NYT piece. Biden chides aides for what he deems overly academic or elitist language. “Pick up your phone, call your mother, read her what you just told me,” he likes to say. “If she understands, we can keep talking.”

Much of my IBM career was helping executives explain stuff. To employees, to press, to customers, to public. I spent my days with engineers and programmers trying to understand it myself. I often asked them "how would you explain that to your mother." It always got me the goods.

I am wary of liking Biden simply because he isn't Donald Trump so these little nuggets of stuff to like him anyway, help. Trump is still wielding power as long as Biden's value is only that he's Anybody But Trump.