January 15th, 2021

hunting and gathering

I got my last groceries a week and a half ago. I'm pretty much through the fresh stuff but the freezer and pantry have plenty and I have eggs. So I could eat well for at least another couple of weeks, maybe more. But, I'm thinking about ordering for pick up. My now favorite pick up place has a special and that's really all the excuse I need. So, today, it's yet another foray out into the outside. More miles on the car (maybe 3 total) and more risk (they have a pick up window). I'm living on the edge.

A book I've had on hold at the library for a while came up for borrow this morning. Pale Rider by Laura Spinney. It's about how the Spanish Flu of one hundred years ago changed history. I'm looking forward to it. I got the Kindle version and that might be the bulk of my day today.

I'm still hooked on 19-2 on Acorn TV. I'm not quite to halfway through the episodes. It's so interesting to watch Canadian TV. About every 5 or 6 minutes you get a jolt that this is NOT American TV or even UK TV. They easily use shit and fuck exactly where appropriate. There is a fair amount of side boob and male backside full nudity. Also appropriately placed to tell the story credibly. And washroom. Canadians never to to the restroom or the bathroom or the loo. It's always to the washroom - at least on TV. Viva la difference!

I think the first thing I'm going to do this morning is close a couple of my bank accounts. I don't need them. They don't pay as much interest ad my other ones. I've only been putting it off because it involves phone calls - another reason to cancel. I do not have the patience to deal with places that require phone calls if I don't have to. So I'm going to bite the bullet and get a divorce from them.

I think I'm just going to do that right now. EDIT: Turns out after a fucking forest of telephone tree nonsense, once I got an actual person, it was easy and fast. And now is done. YEAH!!!