January 14th, 2021

Thursday but makes no diff

I have started this entry 3 times. The first one was bitching. The second one was snark. But, really, honestly and truly, it was muscle memory only. I have nothing to bitch about and nothing to snark about. Things are good and fine.

I have plenty to entertain myself in this very safe and comfortable condo with no need to go anywhere. I have a cat that is a nice piece of that entertainment package. He's been out checking on the neighborhood from his perch on the terrace but is now in taking his breakfast break.

I'm caught up on all my chores.

This is the time of the month when my credit cards start a new cycle which means cash back. I use 4 cards regularly (for different things) and they all 4 pay varying amounts of cash back. Cash back is much like income tax refunds. On the surface... FREE MONEY! But, really, it's just a clear indication of bad financial management (in the case of income tax refunds) and way way way too much spending (in the case of credit card cash back). My cash back amounts this month will be embarrassingly high. But, I'm on a fix to make them depressing low next month.

And that brings to mind that I have not yet gotten my annual love note from the CPA announcing tax season. I sure hope he's ok. My investments make it way too risky for me to do my taxes myself. Federal prison, particularly now, does not seem to be a good option.

And that thought brings to mind the Mariners. I should be getting way more 'time to get ready for spring training' emails. I wonder if my sales guy is still there. I sure hope so, he's the best we've had yet.

Just got a text from my Iowa nephew and his wife. Big snow storm starting tonight and going through tomorrow. EXCELLENT web cam watching. I'm looking forward to that.

Sadly, no video

I live in a loft. I have only two doors interiorly. One that closes in the tiny half bath and one that closes in the full bath. They are rare closed and the rest of the 1,300 square feet is open.

Oh and there's a slider out to the terrace but it has a cat door.

Biggie is not used to and is not happy about being confined. In the winter, when I shower, I turn on the overhead heat lamp and close the door so it will be nice and toasty when I get out. Biggie cannot handle this. He's desperate to be in there to make sure he doesn't miss anything but he cannot stand to be confined. It makes his little kitty brain explode.

This morning, he opted out. When I got out of the shower, I heard his collar bells on the other side of the door and then I saw it. One paw under the door, stretched as far as he could reach, madly feeling around for something he could use to open that damn door.

My cat makes me LOL.