January 12th, 2021


I woke up early today - well, actually, Biggie woke me up with The Gift of Stickie this morning. But, I was dreaming something disconcerting anyway and was glad to get woken up. Not that glad to roll over onto Stickie. But, whatever.

I spent a lot of yesterday going through all my false start crochet projects and my Works In Progress and bags of yarn here and there. I threw out most of it and put the yarn back into rotation - my hallway yarn shop. I am way too enamored with the process instead of the product. Oh well. At least the yarn I happen to love working with is cheap. And now my stuff is organized properly.

I am going out today. Yep. Stepping outside the building and getting into the car!! I have some Amazon stuff to return. The return place is about a mile and a half up the road and on the way, I may have to stop at the bagel place and pick up lunch. And/or Krispy Kreme which is across the street. I mean, might as well make a day of it!

3 out of 4 of my refunds hit the accounts today so yeah! one more - the big one - to go but I'm not sure it will by the end of the week. A large check also hit the checking account. I write maybe two checks a year. It seems like such an antiquated and insecure way to transfer funds. Plus looking for the checkbook takes forever. At least I bought 10 stamps about a year ago and so far that supply is holding.

I listened to and rejected a pile o' books last night and this morning. Not one seemed interesting to me. So that search continues today. Sometimes I'm just too picky and now seems like one of those times. I have not tackled my Audible wish list yet so that's today's project.

And the kitchen sink has dirty dishes in it. Someone needs to fix that.

But, first, a shower.