January 10th, 2021

No snow here...

But it is snowing at my brother's house and I'm watching on his webcams. With envy.

Also I'm watching Biggie try to get around the blockade I created yesterday. Twice I found him on the other side of the netting on the ledge. I figured out his access and tied it down in what I hoped was a way to thwart his efforts. Looks like I succeeded. I spent a long time thinking I'll just close the door and bring the cat tree back inside. But, except when it dips below freezing which is pretty much never any more, I always open up the door at night for sleeping. So he just needs to learn the rules.

I spent a lot of time yesterday playing on susandennis.com. I have not had easy access for almost a year so I only did bare bones stuff before. Yesterday I built tools and web pages galore. Mostly reference things I want when I'm out and only have my phone. Or in an emergency when I need fast info via an easy URL.

And speaking of fast and easy, I have to say, I'm pretty damn impressed with this Amazon Fire tablet. I got their top of the line (refurbished) and it's a really good deal. It's very pretty and very zippy and does everything I want it to do. I've had their Fire tablets in the past - and they sucked so badly it was painful but not this one. Especially for the price $115. They do have this annoying 'offers' thing which comes on every time you turn it on. You can pay $15 to get rid of it. BUT I learned a long time ago that if you call or chat nicely to their customer service and ask them to take it off for free they will grant you a "one time exemption" and skip the $15 fee. So I did that.

I found a new binge last night. On Acorn. It's a nice little cop show from Canada (Montreal) - 9-12. Lots of episodes.

So, I'll be watching crimes in Montreal today and crocheting and keeping an eye on Biggie. Full day ahead...

Also Snow Watchin!

The latest Biggie

So. I was setting up a stand for the new tablet and needed a screwdriver so I opened up the big cabinet doors where the screwdriver and a ton 'o other important shit lives.

Of course, Mr. I Own The World had to get in there. When I turned around, he had found treasure.

When he come home from surgery, I put Stickie on a shelf way in the back behind the cupboard doors.

I'd forgotten about it but it took Biggie 2 seconds to find and liberate it.


I wore him out playing with it and now he's gone to take a nap.

Random Stuff

Doris Kerns Goodwin was on CBS This Morning in the best blouse and tie I have ever seen! I appreciate and admire whatever she has to saw whenever she says it but I could not pay attention today staring at this!


Even with no place to wear it, I want it.

Biggie introduced his favorite toys to each other.


The snow was supposed to stop at my brother's a couple of hours ago. Still going Texas strong.

And, finally, I had quiche for lunch and used up my last frozen shell so I made more. My silicone shells fit perfectly on rolled out store bought dough.

PXL_20210110_211735029 PXL_20210110_212008827

They are not perfect pretty but they will taste great.

Time for some TV watching.