January 9th, 2021

Wildlife carcasses so far today? ZERO!

Last May, I discovered that I could no longer access susandennis.com from my home network - not the website, not the control panel, not the email. After much troubleshooting, I discovered the problem was my router. After working with Eero for ages and getting nowhere, I replaced it (it was a first gen and had some other issues). Got a Nest router and soon it developed the same problem.

I let it go and in October discovered the problem was fixed. Until it was not. I let it go again. I could access the site, if I needed to, via my cell phone's hotspot.

Then yesterday, I spend hours documenting all my troubleshooting and retrying it all to ensure nothing had changed. Nothing had. Then I made a plan. I'd start with my website host. Then go to Google (router provider). Then go to Wave (internet provider). Then shoot myself dead.

I carefully wrote up a pithy support request with all the details and sent it to the host support team. They cracked the case in 15 minutes.

9 fucking months of this. fixed. Well, not fixed but correctly diagnosed (firewall issue caused by failed email attempts). I'm still working on the fix. I think it's an old Thunderbird client running on my Windows PC. I deleted the account and so far all's cool. Fingers crossed.

It's a chilly and foggy morning here - the stadium is barely in view. The Seahawks play at home today but so far no sounds from over there.

I'm trying a COPD experiment. The only medication that I take regularly for my COPD is the inhaler (Incruse but soon to be Spiriva). It's meant to be a once a day dose. I'm going to try once every two days. This is mostly to save money. After about October, this every day thing will cost me $400 a month. If I can cut my use in half, I can maybe stretch out my supply til the end of the year at the cheaper rate ($47 a month). But, also, since I know my COPD will get worse, if I cut back now, I will have a stronger resource at my fingertips when it does. So far, so good.

Oh ok. there's the Star Spangled Banner practice for the Seahawks game. Looks like we're on course.

I have a kitchen to clean up and then crocheting to do.