January 8th, 2021

Missing carcass

If asked "who here thinks they have seen all of Biggie's tricks?" I would have raised my hand. How many times in one short - less than two years - life can one cat do so much? His hair has not even grown back yet from the last adventure.

Today's edition is Small Bird Carcass In The Bedroom ... and now it's gone. It was long dead by the time I first saw it. carcass in the bedroom, feathers and pieces in the bathroom. By the time I came back from getting paper towels and a bag, Biggie had moved the carcass to an undisclosed location. I found him outside so I can only hope that's where he took the bird but there is no sign of it out there. Not even a feather.

The bathroom is cleaned up but now and he's still outside. I wonder how long it will take for that carcass to stink up the house? I wonder how long it will take, if he actually ate it, for the bones to obstruct his intestinal track? I wonder how many other tricks he has up his sleeve and how long he will live to show them.

He's now outside hiding between the storage cabinet and the long drapery that hides it. He started doing this yesterday. I wonder if he's stalking more prey or hiding in shame from me. My guess is the former.

I think when I finish my coffee and have my shower, I'll do a grid search but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to find anything.

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie

When I'm not looking for a dead bird in the house today, I'll be doing laundry. Oh and I need to prepare and freeze the meat I bought on Wednesday. But, that's about it.

The CAL (Crochet Along) that I ordered the yarn for turns out to be a dud. But I do like the yarn color combo so I'll find something else very nice to do with it. I have both a lose vest going and a blanket now in addition to the temperature scarf so the CAL won't be missed.

Ok. now hunting bird.