January 7th, 2021

A new day

Ok, so that shit's behind us. I followed it all on TV and on news sites but this morning was anxious to get Gabe Fleisher's morning newsletter. No one cuts to the important stuff like Gabe. I'm not sure when he had time to write it. According to his tweet stream, he hasn't taken time off for a decent leak since Monday. He's still on duty today and tomorrow's newsletter will catch me up then.

I do think removing Trump from office at this point is a ridiculous waste of time, energy and money. Just let him slink away, clean up the mess and move the fuck on.

And, hey, we've still got the virus! Oddly and delightfully, my state (Washington) and my county (King) are really lagging behind on all COVID numbers! For once. Whew. But even more comforting is that I do not have to go anywhere for the next month. ish. I have not heard back from the house cleaner on confirmation or a date. But, at least for now, I am inside and staying here. I have drug deliveries today but they are UPS and Mr. UPS brings stuff right to my door, bless his heart.

I do have some new tech. Amazon put up some of its 10" Fire tablets in the refurb shop and I bought one. My dining room table tablet is a very old Google one that is no longer supported and quite tired. It's the one I use to read magazines and newspapers while I eat. Since most of that reading is via Kindle app, it's one of the few purposes for which a Fire tablet works and works best. This one is pretty zippy and good looking. I may side load Google (for the Play Store) onto it but I'm going wait until I hit up on something I need it for. So far, everything I need is right there and easily accessible. In a nice, 10" size.

Biggie's incision is all healed up. Finally. In the mornings, first thing, I used to clip one, maybe two nails, in return for treats. But, while I was worried about taking his stitches out too early, I traded a photo of his tummy for the treat. This morning we went back to nail clipping and he was having NONE of it. Does not take long for him to dump a habit. Geesh.

Today will be back to a regular day of crochet and TV and general stuff. I hope.

The down side to having a black cat


I was sorry that the two kittens who needed me to adopt them were black. But the Humane Society told me that because of their feline lukemia and their blackness, they were going to be the last ones picked for adoption if they even got picked at all. My own prejudice against black cats was photography. Black cats are just so darned hard to get good pictures of. I thought.

Wrong wrong wrong. Biggie is a supermodel and always has been.

I tried the new Discovery Plus streaming channel. They have a 7 day free trial. I only needed 4 days. I was looking for a streaming of HGTV. I was perfectly fine having some other stuff thrown in but it was HGTV that I was after. Discovery Plus, turns out, has "a selection" of HGTV. They don't even have House Hunters. WTF? At the end of the month they say they will have "a selection" of favorite House Hunters. NOT even close to good enough. Also something's wrong with their back end. It kept starting and stopping. And their app sucks. So that will be a nothankyou from me.

I did finally hear from the house cleaner and she's fine with once a month. So yeah and whew and okdokey.