January 6th, 2021

holy crapoly

I got home from the grocery (to a clean house). My plan was to put the cold stuff in the fridge, and then log on and check the Georgia nums and write my LJ entry which I had already composed in my head. And by the time I sat down all hell had broken lose in Washington.

Over the past few weeks particularly, every time does something Trump (aka stupid) and everyone gets all shocked, my brain has said "why or why are you even surprised????" He has not changed one tiny little bit ever. He's always been the way he is today long before he was president. No one should ever be surprised.

Except now I am. I shouldn't be but I am. This is the wildest thing ever. He has absolutely out Trumped himself this time. Holy fuck.

My foray out into the world was successful. I've been home for 20 minutes now and have not yet thought of anything I forgot to get. Personal victory. I even remembered to find an ATM for cash to pay the cleaner for future weeks.

While I was out, Amazon Pharmacy figured out the inhaler situation. My account already shows that the old one has been canceled and the new one is good. I was able to order it. $47 instead of $100. Cool. I must say that I am very impressed with Amazon Pharmacy. My 'dashboard' gives me more info than any other pharmacist I've tried. Orders take two days. Pricing makes sense. And, they give me the option (and the price) of purchasing outside of insurance. Not to mention the 5% discount.

Oh and in between the Washington DC tweets, there's one with the new Washington State vaccine groups. I got promoted! I'm now 1b and the chart says vaccine in January. I'm sure that won't happen regardless but I'd feel incredibly guilty taking a vaccine ahead of everyone else. I don't need to go anywhere I might be exposed. Honestly, I should be last on the vaccine list.

While I was out and waiting to come home, I decided that getting my house cleaned was really not worth it any more. I should drop back to once a month or just let her go all together. Except now, I'm in my clean house and nope. Totally worth it. I might consider making it once a month. I probably will. But I do love having clean.

I got poke for lunch. Chow time.

And I totally forgot most of the entry I wrote in my head


I love odometer readings. I really liked this pair. I got the tank filled 73.3 miles ago (December 8) And, as you can see, I'm going to need to get gas maybe later this year. Sigh.

I sent the house cleaner a text telling her I wanted to go once a month. I told her I'd give her a 20% raise and she could pick what day she wanted. I think she'll be fine with this.