January 5th, 2021

Loose ends

Money and drugs. The last 24 hours have been all about money and drugs.

All of my income comes in monthly just after the 1st. Because of the holiday, it kind of straggled in this month but, finally, it's all here. And I finally broke down and called Citi who all of a sudden started charging me $15 bank fees. NO. I had to call to get it fixed but the call wasn't horribly painful and netted me $30 so ok.

The drugs are nearly taken care of. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with Amazon Pharmacy. I've had to call them twice now but both times, the calls were painless and productive. The people I talked to had no scripts. They turned out to be real people who knew or got answers quickly. Now that I understand their methods, things will be fine. Finally, I can see the price before I make the buy decision. This is pretty damn huge. Also I get the option of buying outside of insurance which is also pretty interesting. They delivery via UPS from Arizona. Fine by me. And since it's an Amazon charge, my Amazon Visa gives me 5% off.

I still have on outstanding issue on swapping inhalers but they say they will contact the prescriber and get clarification so that should work out without a problem.

Also yesterday when I was working out the new inhaler with the nurse practitioner, she mentioned that they were hoping to get the COVID vaccine in soon and would be calling me to come in and get mine. I was delighted to hear her volunteer that info. My best plan would be to have my doctor determine it is my turn and provide the shot. Sounds like that might just happen. Until then, I'm cool.

My USPS morning email shows that the final big first of the year bill is in today's mail. It's my annual long term care bill. Maybe this year they will finally offer online options. Next up, after this is Real Estate Taxes (Feb 15) and then federal income taxes (April 15). Then I get a break til December. Time to save up for the next round.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day and grocery shopping day. I need to make sure my grocery list is complete. The house is pretty much ready for cleaning.

I do need to find a new audio book today. The one I just finished had a terrific reader so I think today's hunt will start with him. (The book was the second of a two book series by Michael Robotham - When She Was Good and the reader is Joe Jameson.)

The sunrise was pretty spectacular this morning. Biggie caught all the action so I caught a bonus Biggie In Tree pic.