January 4th, 2021

Swimming and baseball

It's kind of hard for me to believe that this time last year, I was swimming a mile every day. Enjoying every swim and not for one minute thinking I would have to ever give it up. I do miss it. I miss how my body feels plowing through the water. I miss the hour of being alone with me and the music. I miss the folks I met at the pool's edge.

Our gyms and pools are all still closed but even when they open, I won't be going back to my old pool every day. The bridge that gets me from here to there is broken and won't be fixed for a couple of years. I still have my suits and my gear and I'm ready. But, I'm not that hopeful.

I miss baseball. I got a better seat. I never got to use it. I parked my ticket money with the Mariners for this year. And my better seat is reserved. But, I'm doubting now, how they will even be able to pull off peops in the seats this year. At least, I hope, they will be able to pull off baseball. In normal times, Spring Training starts in about 5 weeks. The first Spring Training game is broadcast on in about 8 weeks. The season opener is currently scheduled for April Fools Day. Is that a sign?

My seat is in section 33, row G, seat 19 and my games are:

I truly doubt that I will actually be there for any of those games.

But, really, except for baseball and swimming, I'm ok with another year of this. Not thrilled. But ok. Calm, accepting, really not inconvenienced. It's an odd spot to be in while so many are suffering and struggling and dying. I have an ivory tower life.

With Biggie. Whose incision is looking a whole lot better this morning. I think I can finally relax ... until he eats The Next Thing. He's very busy this morning. There are a whole lotta birds in The Tree That I Hate.

All of the banking stuff I was waiting for January for turned up today. Whew. All boxes ticked on that list. Two items remain on the non-banking list - I have yet to get the invoice for my Long Term Care Insurance which is due on January 15 and I'm waiting for my lung doctor's office to renew my inhaler prescription which I am sure they will this morning. And then I'll be set for a while.

Today's plans include pasta. I finished off all the freezer noodles a while ago. So I think, today, I'll pull out the big pan and boil up all the spaghetti that will fit in it. And then freeze it in meal size servings. Actually, that's about it for the plans. It's going to be another Go With The Flow day around here.

health insurance will kill me

I am not smart enough for United States health insurance coverage. I can almost grasp enough of the medical part but the pharmacy part is just not comprehensible at all.

Last year my insurance company contacted me and suggested I switch to a cheaper inhaler. Fine by me. They even paid for it for the whole year. Coolio! But now, according to their website, they no longer cover it at all.


Except. My PA sent the prescription in, as I requested, to Amazon Pharmacy. They filled it and when I went to check out, I was presented with two prices - $200 with insurance and $425 without. WTF? So they do cover it? But not much?

According to the Humana website, I have $100 deductible on drugs and Tier 4 drugs are $100 a pop. So I'm guessing that they do cover it and at the Tier 4 (Tier 3 is $47 and Tier 5 would be $132). The more expensive inhaler that Humana convinced me to give up would cost me $47.

I tried calling to make sure I was understanding correctly. I waited on hold for 15 minutes and then got a guy who didn't sound very confident in anything and finally, after about 20 minutes told me he could not access his computer and I'd have to call back.

On the up side, Amazon won't fill prescriptions for more than 30 days so instead of getting locked in for 3 months, I'm only in for 1 and I don't mind asking the PA to go back to Spiriva for next month.

It boggles me how everyone else copes with this shit. What if I didn't have $55 to waste on Humana's bullshit? COPD without money must be a barrel of fun. PHUCK.


I just took a picture of me for a website and I don't hate it. I don't need more than one hand to count the number of times that has happened.