January 2nd, 2021

And so it begins - except it doesn't because weekend

There are a half dozen very inconsequential things I'm waiting to happen (bank things, doctor things) that were all waiting for the new year but now are still waiting because it's the weekend. My focus is on them simply because my focus has really no other job right now. Oh well.

I did finish clearing out my Instagram account. I kept a handful of people. But, mostly those I still "follow" are local businesses that use Instagram to send out info about specials and stuff. There are a couple of recipe accounts and, of course, my real estate find. Fewer than 200 (down from 800). I follow in the web which, so far, has no ads. As soon as they add in those ads, I'm gone, regardless. But, for now, I'm ok with my Instagramness.

Meanwhile I've built up my rss feeds which include a lot of sub reddits and I have a News Group of tabs so that at least when I fall into an internet rabbit hole, I fall on purpose into a hole chosen with thought.

Biggie's tummy is still not 100% healed. There's a whole section that is sealed but reddish. But, it isn't hot and does not seem to bother him so I'm just watching it ... when he lets me ... in return for treats.

The Next Big Thing here is the house cleaner coming on Wednesday which means grocery shopping. I've started my list.

One up side to the pandemic has been my grocery shopping. I used to just head out whenever I needed any little thing and, while there, pick up many things I did not need. Sometimes several times a week. This past year has totally changed that habit. I shop every two weeks and from a list. And it has made a huge difference. I no longer have a freezer or fridge full of food I'll never eat and feel guilty about. They both empty out as shopping day gets closer. It feels so much more efficient.

I might do some laundry today. I absolutely will be crocheting. I love the blanket I'm working now now. I've got about 30 minutes of Wallendar left and then I need to move on to the next thing. There are several contenders.


My new jam

Best Leftovers Ever! is on Netflix and it's mostly pretty darned excellent. 8 episodes. The main host is nearly terminally obnoxious but the two judges aren't horrible.

It's the premise that shines and it pretty much works like it should.

Contestants are given leftovers and they have to make stuff out of them. Lots of great ideas. I'm hooked.

Also the laundry is done.

We are having very blustery winds here today. A while ago it sounded like a roar. Wild. Also, for the first time ever, Biggie figured out how to work around the bird netting and got up on the ledge I think I've battened it down sufficiently. I hate the idea of having to deal with chicken wire which is really my next step.