January 1st, 2021

Nice start

I cleaned the house for the New Year. Actually, I decluttered the sewing room and picked up the toys that Biggie is not currently enamored with. And I made sure the kitchen was clean with everything put away before I went to bed. It was kind of like getting ready for inspection. It felt very satisfying.

I woke up to pee at exactly midnight. Probably the first time I've been awake at midnight at year's end in well years.

This morning I decided to lay it on for breakfast. Potatoes, bacon and two fried eggs. I had everything but the eggs ready to go and broke the first one into the pan.

Two Yolks.

It's a sign. A good one.

And, in other excellent news, I found Biggie treats. I had a half opened bag that I'd forgotten about. Whew. He was starting to whine about the reduced treat volume. We're good now til the new supply arrives.

I've ticked off all the todos I had on hold waiting for Jan 1.

For several days now I've been trying to remember to pull the rolled up pie dough in the fridge out to let it warm up some so I can use it. Finally this morning I remembered. So... fer sure, there is quiche in my day.

And I think I'll strip the bed and the duvet and replace with fresh.

So there's the thrills and spills of my first day of 2021.


The '20's are when my parents were born. They were always part of my life because I lived with people for whom that was their recent past. Now we have '20's again. So weird to have lived so long now that my experience spans a century. Weirder still because, while I'm grateful for all that life experience, I really don't feel as old as I am. I have to constantly remind myself that people who encounter me encounter an old woman. This is really interesting to me and way more amusing than disturbing. I feel like I have a secret life... if they only knew...