December 3rd, 2020

Stay inside

The last time I was outside was a week ago yesterday. I'm giving serious thought to going outside again today. Going across the street. Ordering takeout. I might not but I'm seriously considering it. Livin' on the edge here.

The bon mots du jour were delivered today in my lj friends feed by grail76.

I'm feeling pretty good that Boris Johnson will try out the vaccine before we get a chance to do it.

A sentiment I adopted immediately.

Most mornings here the sky is red but I never tire of it. I think Biggie's a fan, too.


I exercised twice already today. I did my treadmill thing and then I came out to the living room and discovered that my neighbor across the way was doing some heavy duty shit - thrusts and squats and even jumping jacks. I watched. It counts.

Outside of the possible Big Trip Across The Street, no plans for today.

I realized today that the condo home owners association has not yet sent out the budget for review. In the past they have had it available by December 1. It has to be reviewed and voted on and then the owners are billed for their first payment which is due January 1. This board is cutting it pretty fucking close. But, I am not surprised. At least two of them will be replaced in January. Hopefully.

The Most random entry ever

I called my mother, Mommy and referred to her as my mother or my mom. Until I got older and then I called her Mom. I called my father, Daddy and referred to him as my father or my dad and still do. This was pretty much what my brother and sister called them as well. (Except somewhere along the way to adulthood, my brother started to always refer to him as 'father'.)

My parents both referred to and called their parents Mother and Father (although, when she was pissed at him, she sometimes called her father Daddy. "I know that, Daddy! This always cracked me up.)

My parents called each other pretty much by their names - Virginia and Bill. They referred to each other depending on who they were talking to - your father, my wife, etc.

When they had grandchildren, they flipped to calling each other by what their grandchildren called them. Monkey (Mom) and Popeye (Dad).

My cousin (son of my dad's sister and my only cousin) was raised as an only child. He always called his parents by their names. Ray and Kay. That's what they called each other so that's what he called them. My parents did not approve but I never understood why and still don't.

This info slipped into my brain this morning and I need to clear it out so here it is.

the vaccines of me

I just read where Bush, Clinton and Obama have agreed to get the COVID shot to give the rest of us confidence in it. It's the first time, really, that I've heard it referred to as a shot. Most everyone has been very careful not to mention the needle aspect. I guess there are enough people out there who are shot adverse.

They could go back to the old way...

I got vaccinated for small pox back in the day when they would scratch the skin on your upper arm and then drip the vaccine medicine onto the open wound. It sounds so horrible now but it was the way back then. You got a big old scab and then you got to go back and do it again once the scab healed. I forget what the second one was for. But they both left dime sized scars. Mine have nearly faded. But it used to be nice proof that I had been vaccinated.

When the polio vaccine came out there were actually two. One was a shot but one was a sugar cube! Now there's some customer driven science for you.

Of course, today it would need to be sugar free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, peanut free, etc.

Shot's probably the best plan.

Busy Busy

The new fried chicken place across the street opened up this week and, amazingly, got its online system up immediately. So I ordered and paid for a pickup. It was lovely and safe and easy. I got a balanced meal of 3 fried chicken thighs, mac and cheese and waffle fries. The waffle fries were so so. I'm saving the mac and cheese for another meal. The chicken was good. Not Popeye's level good but the same price and a whole boatload more convenient. It will do. I have leftovers and I suspect that this chicken might be better cold. We'll see.

In researching this situation, I discovered that the other two take out places that share the same spot - a former sports bar - a pizza place and a burger place - both of whom have been there for a while now - finally have their online shit together so I can order and pay before I go. Much easier and safer proposition.

All three places have different and kind of weird hours but it sure helps now that I can look online. I may do pizza tomorrow. Maybe.

After lunch I made 10 breakfast burritos. 5 are in the freezer and 4 are in the fridge ready to nuke.

I think my groceries are going to last until Wednesday (next grocery day) just exactly on target. Go me! The CDC says because I'm old and at risk I should order delivery. But, I'm over that. Sorry CDC, love ya, but no thanks. Once every two weeks, I'm going to risk it.

But Amazon is sure making ordering fun. I think they are so staffed and ready that it's turning into perks for moi. I placed a large order of a variety of different Christmas presents all being sent to one place. They offered $6 in e-media for slow delivery. Heck yeah baby! And then they proceeded to deliver them all in two days. I placed another order for me about a week ago and again, opted for the $1 slow delivery option and got the order the next day.

Then yesterday I ordered some gloves. The cart said they would be delivered tomorrow. They were delivered this morning before 10 am. AND they sucked. So I went to the order and clicked Return and selected 'not like website description' and then 'Amazon credit' and then I got a screen that said sorry you weren't happy, keep the gloves and here's your refund.

Amazon at Christmas... I heart you.

Rats. I forgot to take a picture of my candy canes from the street (and check to see if I have any competition from the other condos in this building). Tomorrow, if pizza.