November 21st, 2020

No poop yet, but I'm hopeful

I had such a wonderful sleep last night. I'm a good sleeper generally but last night I was great. Hilariously, Fitbit says it was the worst night's sleep I've had in a month. Suck it, Fitbit. I'm not speaking to you anyway, until you get me that OS update you started rolling out 3 days ago and have so far ignored me.

Biggie is bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. He ate his treats with relish. (Every morning, first thing after sitting down with coffee, we have a ritual. He lets me cut one or two, if I'm lucky, nails and, in return, he gets a treat. I am not allowed to even try to enjoy my coffee unless and until this is done.)

Then, he hung for a bit in my lap and then got up and went over to his food tree and ate like it was this time last week! I'm obsessively checking the litter box but so far, no joy. Also no throwing up. I'd be mighty delighted if this is the end of The Big Sickness.

Red Sky in The Morning... We had the reddest sky this morning. Sailors and farmers and everybody else should take warning but the forecast is for a regular, dry, semi-sunny day.

Not that it matters. I'm not going anywhere anyway.

I have zero plans for today. Which is fine. I got a lot of chores done yesterday around here. So I'm taking today off from that grueling schedule. Besides, I need the time to check the litter box. Maybe I should put a camera in there...

Now he's just screwing with me...

Happiness is, at the same time I realized I was hungry, also realizing that I had fried chicken in the fridge ready to eat. YUM.

I used to love my vet. Back when their doors first opened and they were hungry for biz they were the best. Now, a decade later, they have moved and expanded and while I've continued to take every animal I have to them, they now feel more like they are doing me a favor to give me the half assed service I now get. Mostly. So I decided after yesterday that maybe it was time to vet shop.

I started with my neighbor who is far more particular about everything in her life than I am. And has cats. I sent her an email asking if she had a vet she loved. She responded that she is very happy with her current vet... which turns out to be the same one I'm falling out of love with. Sigh. Then I went to Yelp. And Google. And looked at the current vet options and I think what needs to change is my attitude. The other options aren't as good. Oh well. Maybe Biggie will stay healthy.

I did get an alert from the camera. It turned out to be poopless.

If I were not a lazy paranoid, I'd be outside today probably picking up some COVID-19 and other items I do not need. But, also, I'm not that wild about the outside in general.