November 19th, 2020


Yesterday ended up being kitchen day. I hate to cook. I love to eat. It's a constant struggle. Yesterday I made mac and cheese, eggy muffins and quiches.

The mac and cheese was the least successful. Not gooey enough. I ate one serving and still have three more. I think I can help them by adding milk or cream as they reheat. If not, no biggie. I used up the rest of some pasta that had been taking up space, and a bunch of odd ends of cheese. So more room on the shelf and in the fridge.

The eggy muffins were surprisingly excellent. I added a lot of eggs to bisquik with milk and sausage crumbles and cheese. I had one for breakfast. Very nice.

The quiche was pretty good. I mainly wanted to try out my new tart pans with store bought crust. I thought the pans would be too small but they were not. One rolled up pie crust covered the three pans with enough left for a couple of pie crust cookies! One egg, a little cream, cheese and ham all fit in there and was damn tasty. I had one for dinner. There's one in the fridge and I froze the third pie shell to see how it would do.

I washed all my masks yesterday. And now they are all ready to go. But, I'm going nowhere.

Finally, Fitbit is rolling out the rest of the features for my watch. I do like the watch a lot even without half they stuff they promised but it will be nice to get the rest.

I do not set my watch for the treadmill. I just let it figure out what I'm doing on its own. I love the variety. Every morning, I walk 2.0 miles per hour for exactly 25 minutes. Here's how Fitbit sees it.


The football (and soccer) stadium across the street has a new name. It is 20 years old. It was first called Seahawks Stadium. Then it was Qwest field. Then it was Century Link Field and now it is Lumen Field. Whatever.

I think I have a new crochet project/idea. I think I'm going to start on it right after I clean out Biggie's litter box and take a shower.

Is he the kind of cat who might eat something he shouldn't?

Yes, that is his picture there in the vet book entry about intestinal blockages!

Biggie threw up last night. The only other time he's ever done that is in the days before both of his intestinal blockage surgeries. So I was worried. BUT, unlike those days he was Mr. Perky. His behavior was no different than always.

This morning he ate his treats like always and has resumed his normal every day Biggie-ness. And then, just now, he threw up again. No poop in the litter box. I called the vet. And she asked a lot of questions. Good ones. And then asked "Is he the kind of cat who might eat something he shouldn't?" Er ah yep.

After talking to the tech, she said to watch him overnight and if he does not eat or drink or if he throws up again to call them in the morning.

He turned up his nose at a free treat. And I have not seen him eat or drink but otherwise, he's fine. He even brought me Stickie a minute ago and we played for a bit. He's following me around whenever I get up. And he's now curled up next to me on his tuffet.

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie.


Well, now he's eaten a little out of his tower and had some water! Oh and the 3 treats he conned out of me. So, I don't know what he's got, but I'm pretty sure it's not another bowel obstruction. WHEW! I did not want another cat surgery for Christmas.

(For new readers, Biggie, as a kitten ate everything and twice had to have his 'dinner' surgically removed.)